Android with Play Store

As of June 2014, Freading ebooks will now only download into the Freading Reader app.  Instructions on using it are below.  Enki ebooks are still compatible with any ereader app that uses Adobe IDs, which includes the Freading Reader.

Install & Set Up the App: 
  1. Open the Play Store on your device.  
  2. Search for "freading."  
  3. Install the free Freading Reader.  
  4. Open the app as for first use - Freading will ask you to login with an Adobe ID.  Adobe IDs are always an email address and a password you were allowed to create.  
    • Already have one?  Enter it now.
    • Do not have one? Go to this page to create one. When you have created your Adobe ID, return to the app and input this information.  
Use a Book in the App: 

  • Open a book: tap the book in the Library section of the app. It will open to fill the screen.
  • Turn a page: tap the right margin to go forward in the book, tap the left margin to go back a page.  
  • Close a book: tap the center of the book page. This pulls up a menu, choose "Library" to return to the list of books.
  • Change Reading Settings: tap the center of the page, and choose "Settings."  Settings has two sections, do not forget to "save" if you have changed something!  
    • General - where you can increase text size, margin size, etc. 
    • Formatting - advanced settings to change line spacing, color of background and text.  
Finished with a Book: 
Remove the book from the app by: 
  1. Go to the app's Library view.
  2. Tap the small, round arrow key for the book.
  3. When the book's details are shown, choose: 
    • Return for Enki books that are not yet expired.  This action even returns the book on your Enki account, so it is released for the next person to use.
    • Delete for all Freading books or Enki books that have passed their checkout date.  
To learn how to checkout and download an Enki or Freading book, please go back to the previous page