Kindle Fire & No Play Store

As of June 2014, Freading ebooks will now only download into the Freading Reader app.  Instructions on using it are below.  Enki ebooks are still compatible with any ereader app that uses Adobe IDs, which includes the Freading Reader.

Kindle Fires - Freading not currently working for these devices.  See News for more information.

Install & Set the App: 
  1. Turn on the option to Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources (exact wording will vary). This will usually be under:
    • General Android: go to the Settings icon then Device or Apps if this option is not in the main list of settings.
    • Older Kindle Fires: Settings menu (gear icon at the top of the screen) then choose Device.
    • Kindle Fire HD: swipe down from the top to access your Quick Settings Menu. Select   More -> Settings -> Device.
    • Kindle Fire HDX: if you cannot find the Quick Settings as above, look for the Settings icon in your apps list. Settings-> Apps.
  2. Download the Freading app file from
    • Click here to access the Freading app page (opens in new browser tab).
    • Tap the download button/link on the page. On most devices, this will be a red download link or a gray download bar.
    • Confirm that you want to download the app when prompted (not all devices will ask).
  3. Finalize installing the app!  If your device does not prompt you to install, find the downloaded file, tap it, and follow any prompts your device gives you to install the app.
    • General Android: your notifications list will have the "download completed" message for the file (may have to swipe from top to see this).  Tap the notification.
    • Older Kindle Fires: a small, circular numbered icon will appear at the top of the screen.  Tap this-it is the download complete notification.
    • Kindle Fire HD: swipe down from the top - tap the download complete notification.
    • Kindle Fire HDX: in your web browser, find the menu button (in upper left or right - 3 vertical lines).  Select Downloads from the menu, and tap the app file (should be the first one).
  4. Open the app for the first use. 
    • Most devices: from all apps list.
    • Kindle Fire HDX: all apps list is divided between apps saved in your Amazon account or on the device itself.  Choose "On Device" at the top of the all apps list.
  5. Give the app an Adobe ID.  Adobe IDs are always an email address and a password you created.
    • Already have one?  Input it now. 
    • Don't have one?  Go to this page to create one.  Return to the app and input your information.
This concludes setup, you are ready to use the app. 

Use a Book in the App: 

  • Open a book: tap the book cover or title.  It will open to fill the screen.
  • Turn a page: tap the right margin to go forward in the book, tap the left margin to go back a page.  
  • Close a book: tap the center of the book page, and choose "Library" from the bottom menu.
  • Change Reading Settings: tap the center of the page, and choose Settings.  It has two sections, be sure to save if you changed something.
    • General - increase text size, margin size, etc.
    • Formatting - advanced settings for line spacing, color of background and text.
Finished with a Book: 
Go to the Books list and: 
  1. Go to the app's Library view.
  2. Tap the small, round arrow key for the book.
  3. When the book's details are shown, choose: 
    • Return Borrowed Item for Enki books that are not yet expired.  This action even returns the book on your Enki account, so it is released for the next person to use.
    • Delete for all Freading books or Enki books that have passed their checkout date.  
To learn how to checkout and download an Enki or Freading book, please go back to the previous page