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Librarian News

  1. Recent Webinar Notes (Sept 2016)

    In case you missed it, the State Library had 3 webinars this month. We always record these sessions so you may view them later. Britannica for Schools (9/8/16) - click here for archive. Jennifer Keating from Britannica Professional Development...

  2. Total Boox: Retold Classics with Audio

    Total Boox has been slowly adding ebooks from Oxford University Press that have an embedded audiobook, and there are now enough titles to show off.  Created by Oxford University Press, these are intended for English language learners, would be good...

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From the Reference Desk

  1. SAGE Books on Social Media

    Social Media Resources “Social media impacts on the way in which we think, experience, and practice ‘online media’. It is no longer merely a form of teen socializing – it has become an integral part of everyday life. In turn, this influences how we...

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