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Librarian News

  1. Total Boox for Academics

    Yesterday we hosted a webinar for academic librarians on Total Boox ebooks. The presenter was Mirela Roncevic, Director of Content at Total Boox.  Watch the archive here. The Total Boox ebooks system has access to the full catalog of materials from...

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New in the LIS Collection

  1. Physical Computing and Makerspaces (2015)

    Physical Computing and Makerspaces (2015) Amie Jane Leavitt Rosen Publishing Group 978-1-4777-7659-9 The urge to experiment and create has been strong in humankind since time immemorial. So, too, has the need to gather together for the greater...

  2. Makerspaces in Libraries (2015)

    Makerspaces in Libraries (2015) Theresa Willingham and Jeroen de Boer Rowman & Littlefield 978-1-4422-5300-1 Makerspaces, sometimes also referred to as hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs are creative, DIY spaces where people can gather to...

  3. Makerspaces: A Practical Guide for Librarians (2014)

    Makerspaces: A Practical Guide for Librarians (2014) John J. Burke Rowman & Littlefield 978-1-4422-2967-9 A “makerspace” is an area in a library where users can use tools and equipment to design, build, and create all sorts of different things...

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From the Reference Desk

  1. Cities in Kansas

    Weeks ago we discussed the nature of counties in Kansas. For this blog post we will discuss cities. Cities are different than counties in that they are not specifically intended to carry out local operations of the state government, although they...

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