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Librarian News

  1. Continuing Education Roundup for December

    Check out the recently added no-cost, online continuing education opportunities which have been posted to the Librarian Events calendar*: Full details of each event and links to register or join available here: Go...

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New in the LIS Collection

  1. Five Steps of Outcome-Based Planning & Evaluation for Public Libraries (2016)

    Five Steps of Outcome-Based Planning & Evaluation for Public Libraries (2016) Melissa Gross, Cindy Mediavilla, Virginia A. Walter American Library Association 978-0-8389-1404-5 Planning and assessment are both crucial elements of a public...

  2. Library Movement through Data Analytics (2016)

    Library Movement through Data Analytics (2016) Lesley S.J. Farmer & Alan M. Safer American Library Association 978-0-8389-1425-0 More than ever, funding agencies are looking for cost effectiveness. Sound data analytics is the foundation for...

  3. The Essential Lapsit Guide (2015)

    The Essential Lapsit Guide (2015) Linda L. Ernst American Library Association 978-1-55570-761-3 Not just a sourcebook or a reference, but a complete multimedia guide, this innovative, comprehensive resource will help you stimulate the minds...

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From the Reference Desk

  1. Thanksgiving safety tips from the Kansas Fire Marshal

    Thanksgiving can be hectic and typically involves lots of potentially dangerous heat in the kitchen. Today the Kansas Fire Marshal posted tips for how to keep Thanksgiving as safe as possible: Kansas Fire Marshal offers fire tips for Thanksgiving...

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