Freading-About Tokens

All books on Freading are always available.  There are no holds.  Checkouts are limited by assigning the same number of tokens to each library user per week, as the library pays Freading based on how many tokens are used.

  • Your account will be allotted 10 tokens per week. When logged in, the number of tokens you have used is shown: 
    • computer users:  in the upper right side on the Freading website. 
    • mobile users: on the website, under the Freading logo. 
  • Unused tokens roll over for 4 weeks (based on when you first logged in to Freading), then your account is reset to zero and a new 10 tokens are issued.  
  • Books can "cost" different numbers of tokens. This number is always shown on the corner of the book cover. You may "spend" your tokens however you wish.
  • Each book is on loan for 14 days.
  • Ran out of time while reading a book? Most renewals are free or cost one token.  
What determines the "cost" of a book? 
Publishers get to choose this, but most follow this general scheme.  They may base this on when the book was published or when it was added to Freading.   
  • New book (less than 6 months old) = 4 tokens
  • Older than 6 months = 2 tokens
  • Older than 25 months = 1 token
How this all works for the State Library, Freading, and the Publishers: 
Freading is a rental/subscription service.  The library does not buy the individual book copies like on 3M Cloud Library.  
  • Each patron using the service is allowed 10 tokens per week. 
  • The State Library pays Freading based on how many tokens were used (we do not pay for tokens you do not use). 
  • Freading pays the publishers based on how many times each of their books were borrowed by patrons of all libraries using Freading!