Devices with an iOS version older than 5.1 cannot use the app. 
Getting Started
A. Install App & Log in
  1. Open the App Store on your device.
  2. Search for and install the 3M Cloud Library app. 
  3. Open the app for first use - it will want you to connect to your library.  Fill out as follows: 
    • Select Country and State.
    • Select Library = State Library of Kansas
    • Enter Your Library ID: 
      • Library ID = your Kansas Library eCard number
      • Library Pin/Password = your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format.  Example: if your birthday is January 29, 1980, you should enter 01291980. 
  4. The app will connect.  For this first use, you will need to Accept the terms & conditions to continue. Normally, the app will save your information and you will not have to log in every time. 
B. Brief App Overview
Across the bottom of the app you will see 4 main tabs.  Here's what they are: 
  • Shelves - this is the display case of the library.  Commonly, you'll see "New Additions" at the top.  Other shelves will come & go (example: every summer we will put up a Kansas Notable Books shelf when the new list of winners has been released). 
  • Categories - this is subject browse, and the best place to start when new to the service.  Big categories like fiction will have numerous sub-categories.  
  • Search - this is a very simple search.  It is best to just use an author name or part of a title.
  • My Books - your account screen.  You will access any current checkouts, your holds list, and your account profile from here.  
Check Out a Book
You may browse or search however you wish, but for your first use this is our recommendation, as it will show you only books you can get right this moment (no books with holds lists): 
  1. Go to Categories. 
  2. Tap the Filter button at the top of the page.  
  3. Select "books available to check out." The page will refresh, and now you may browse subjects as necessary. 
  4. When you have found a book, tap on it.  The book's details page will show, and contain a green checkout button.  
  5. The app will go to the My Books section now, and the book will begin downloading into the wood-paneled Currently Reading area.  
Reading a Book
  • Open a book: go to My Books and tap the cover of the book in the wood-paneled area.
  • Turn a page: tap the right margin to go forward, tap the left margin to back up. 
  • Close a book: tap the center of the book page.  This pulls up a menu, tap the X in the upper left corner to exit. 
  • Change Reading Settings: tap the center of the book page and choose the gear-shaped button.  This will pull up a little box where you can edit text size, screen brightness, etc. 
What Else? 
  • 5 books may be checked out at a time.
  • Books check out for 14 days.  There is not a renewal option, but you can check out the book again immediately if no one else had it on hold.  
  • Early return is encouraged to release the book for another to use.  Here's how: 
    • Go to My Books. 
    • Tap the red "check in" button in the upper right side of the wood-paneled area.
    • Each book you have checked out will now have a X on the corner of the cover.  Tap the X for the book you are finished with.
  • Holds notes: 
    • To be notified when it is your turn for a hold, go to My Books->Account Profile.  Tap Email Notifications and give the app your email address.  It will send you a confirmation email, follow any instructions in the email to finalize setup. 
    • You have 3 days to check out a book when it is your turn.  Available books will show a green "checkout" button in My Books->Holds list.