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10/17/14 - Freading - Android Problems; Kindle Fire Problem Ongoing

Freading ebooks are not downloading properly on Android tablets.  The site will check out the book properly and charge your account tokens, but the Freading app will fail to import the book.  The error message is "no tokens available for download." 

Some Kindle Fires also continue to experience errors downloading as well.  Kindle Fires do not get an error message, the book checks out but fails to download.

Freading Support is working on both issues, and we'll post again when they have a solution. 

The 3M Cloud Library ebooks app is working normally on both devices.  You may wish to read books on it in the meantime.  Install & setup the app for Android devices or Kindle Fires.

9/26/14 - 3M Cloud Library New Android App

The 3M Cloud Library app for Android is now on a new version. The iOS app (iPad/iPhone) will receive a similar makeover in approximately 2 weeks. Computer users, your software will not be updated like this until early 2015.

What do I need to do?  (again, this is Android devices only!)
  • Your device should prompt you to install the app update, unless you have set updates to install automatically.
  • Once the update is installed, you will need to log back in to the app.  Reminder:
    • Library ID = your Kansas Library eCard number
    • PIN/Password = your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format.  Leave out the slashes, they are not required.
  • Checkouts / holds will not be lost or your place in a book currently being read, though a new copy of the book will download when you try to open it (will see a down arrow on the cover of the book). 

Notes on the changes are below.  Questions or problems?

Main Menu
- sections of the app are now in a main menu, previously they were listed across the bottom of the app in a black bar.  To see the menu, tap the right top corner of the app (any section title next to the blue lines).  The menu pops up in blue:

  • Featured (previously Shelves) = library's display case, usually newest books purchased.
  • Browse (previously Categories, more on this below) = subject and genre browse for books.
  • My Books (same name, more on this below) = where your checkouts, holds, and reading history are found.
  • Filter = choose between showing Available Now (books without a holds list) or seeing All Titles.
  • Settings (previously Account Profile) = where you set your email address for notifications. 

Search is now the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of all sections of the app, instead of being a specific section to go to. 

Browse (previously Categories)3m-and-browse

  • Choose fiction or nonfiction at the top of the screen, and then main categories in each can then be scrolled through quickly at the top in plain text, or you can go lower on the page to scroll through example books of each category. 
  • Sub-categories - some subjects/categories will have sub-categories.  This is indicated by the a little down arrow in front of the subject name.  Tap this to select a sub-category.
  • Favorites - tap the star in front of a category or subcategory to favorite it.  Later, you will be able to see only your favorite categories by choosing the star in the upper left.   

My Books
Use the blue lettering at the top to show the books on your account. Reading (books you have checked out); Holds; and History (books you've already read).


Early return of a book - tap the icon that looks like a blue piece of paper (circled in red in the image above) to see the check in option.

Opening a book is the same - just tap the cover from the Reading section of My Books.

Reading a book - to access the settings (to turn up the text size, etc), tap the center of the book page and then the icon with 3 dots in the right corner.  Tap the 3M icon in the left corner to return to your My Books screen.

9/11/14 - Freading Kindle Fire Problems

Updated 4:30pm - Freading says that they are attempting to fix this issue now, we will notify of any updates on this page.

Freading had updated their mobile app this June, and it has apparently not worked consistently with the Kindle Fire.   Newest Kindle Fire HDXs may not experience this error. This problem does not impact any other device.

The problem:  Freading app will install & set up, but no books will download into it when checked out.  

If you have a Kindle Fire please realize that the 3M Cloud Library ebooks app works on the Kindle Fire.  


8/1/14 - Britannica E-STAX eBooks

The State Library is pleased to announce the addition of the Britannica E-STAX, a non-fiction ebooks service.

About E-STAX:
  • All books are unlimited access.  You may download or read as many books as you would like.
  • Titles are appropriate for Pre-K to grade 12.
  • Read online option is compatible with all devices that have an internet browser (including Kindle Fires and ChromeBooks).
  • Download option requires iPublish Central mobile app (iPad/iPhone, Android) or computer software (Windows, Mac).  See the Software & Apps page for links.  Sorry, these books cannot be transferred to a regular ereader, like a Nook.

To learn to use E-STAX, see its tutorial and text notes on the Tutorials page.  

To view the E-STAX site now:
  1. Log in with your Kansas Library eCard. Don't have one?  Ask for one at any public or school library.
  2. Click the Britannica E-STAX access link.


7/28/14 - OneClick iOS App Update
The OneClickdigital app for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch has a new version.  Please check your App Store's updates section to install this update.

New app is shown at right. Notes:
  • Login -- you will be asked for your Library before entering your username/password.  Start typing "Kansas" to see the "State Library of Kansas" and select that. 
  • Specific download, play, and info buttons for each book (download all still available at bottom of app).
  • Obvious which books have/have not been downloaded.
  • Search button: the Search or Genre (subject browse) options will only show you books available to checkout now. Tap "Library Site" to see the full website (can place holds and modify your account here).
  • Settings: can tell the app to only download books while on wifi, add more than one login to the app, or look through the tutorial again. 

If you've forgotten your password because the app saved it for you, please email us at, including your username (if known).

7/28/14 - 3M Categories on iOS (Apple)
The Categories tab on the 3M app for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch is not loading properly at this time. 3M is working on the problem and it should be resolved soon. This does not affect any other versions of the software.

You can use the Categories section via the 3M Browsing website to check out books in the meantime. Here's how:
  1. Go to the 3M Browsing website: and log in with your Kansas Library eCard information.  
  2. Click on the "Categories" and browse for books just as you would in the app.
  3. Once you've checked out a book, open the 3M app on your iPad (or etc) and go to the My Books section.  The books you checked out on the website will be available for use.

Please note that the 3M website access is only for checkouts, holds, and returning books.  You cannot read books on the website.  Questions:

7/15/14 - Scholastic BookFlix Launched!
BookFlix is a kids' ebook service where a picture storybook is paired with non-fiction ebook (with optional audio).  To access BookFlix, go to the Kansas Library eCard, sign-in, and select the BookFlix link.

If you would like to learn more about BookFlix and other ebooks services for kids, please see this tutorial

6/23/14 - OneClickdigital - Android App New Version
This is a completely new version, not just an update.  Changes include:
  • Tutorial after login points out the new buttons and settings! 
  • Specific download, play, and info buttons for each book.
  • Renew or return a book from the app (inside info).
  • Search/browse has been updated to show only available books.  This used to open the full OneClick site to check out books (which crashed the app for some users). 
  • Download All button to download all parts of all checked out books (no need to start download of each separately).  Download progress/completion message appears for each book.
  • Choose to only allow books to download while on wifi (on by default) or switch to allow download over your data plan. 
  • No wifi/data connection stability.  Some users had problems staying logged in, or playing a book they thought was downloaded fully before leaving the house.  State Library staff tested the app stability while traveling for workshops, and did not have any problems.  We made sure that each book had its green "downloaded" message before we left.
Login - you will notice that the app now asks you to input a library name before your username.  If you start typing Kansas you will see "State Library of Kansas."  Please choose this.  Check the box to "remember" your information, and the app should save all of your choices for next time.

Not seeing the new version yet?  Please uninstall the old version of the app, and install the new OCD eAudio Player from the Play Store. 

iOS users - the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch app will be updated in approximately 3 weeks.  It will get all of these upgrades.


New Android App:

OCD Android app June2014
6/18/14 - Freading Site & App Update
Site Update: For computer users, the changes are just cosmetic.  The site does display much better on mobile devices now.   All buttons/functions remain the same.

Mobile App Change - the biggest change is that mobile users MUST use the Freading Reader app now.  Books will not download into any other app.   Due to limitations in the older Freading app, many people had been using the BlueFire or Aldiko free reading apps.  If you have been using BlueFire or Aldiko:
  1. Open your app store.  Search for and install the Freading Reader app. 
  2. When installed, enter the same Adobe ID that you previously used on your BlueFire or Aldiko app.  There is no need to create a new Adobe ID. 

If you really liked BlueFire, the good news is that the new Freading app was built with one of BlueFire's templates.  It is very similar.  

If you had just checked out a book, go back to the Freading site through your Kansas Library eCard page and choose "My Downloads."  Use the "Redownload" option to send a new copy of the book to the Freading app.

We are in the process of updating the text instructions for Freading use.

6/6/14 - Transition Problems! 
Both the State Library of Kansas site and the Kansas Library Card have been moved to new servers, and gotten an update.  Unfortunately, the switch did not go through without issues. Thank you for your patience!  

Status as of 4:30pm, Friday 6/6: 

  • Login to Kansas Library eCard link (above) - fixed!  
  • 3M login - fixed!
  • Enki login - fixed!
  • Freading website access via the Kansas Library eCard link above - fixed!
  • OneClick new user access via the Kansas Library eCard link - fixed!
Trouble logging in to the Kansas Library eCard, accessing Freading website or OneClick create account page?  Please clear your browser cache, then close and reopen your browser.  This should solve the issue. If you do not know where this is: 
Trouble accessing 3M Cloud Library?  Your software or app just needs cleared.  
  • Mobile devices -- turn off your device and turn it back on.  This means holding down the power button until the device asks if you mean to power down, confirming, and allowing it to be off for a minute or two. 
  • Windows - you may need to clear the 3M software's cache.  Click here to learn how
  • Macs -- also try restarting your computer.