OCD-Patron Requests & Ideas

These are patron requests for OneClickdigital. Cloud Library has a cart-sharing feature that allows us to put Patron Requests directly into a cart for ordering libraries to pull from, so does not need a separate list here.

Patron requests come from the "Request a book" form on the main Digital Books page, phone, or email. These are checked against the purchase catalog every Monday, and this page is edited as items are purchased. Questions: lianne.flax@ks.gov

page last updated: Dec 21

Patron Requests - Single Titles

Patron Requests - Multiple by Author

Other OneClick Purchase Ideas
General Fiction
  • Cynthia Sweeney - The Nest
  • Lori Roy - Let me die in his footsteps
  • Anne Perry - older books slowly being reproduced, see list for any fill-in available.
Both contemporary and historicals do well.
Paranormal Romance

SciFi Fantasy
  • Terry Brooks - Shannara series - current series on MTV.
  • Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter - Long Cosmos (5th in a series, we have the rest)

Young Adult
  • Sandford & Cook Singular Menace Series
    • Outrage
    • Rampage


Books on parenting AND "best brain" / mindfulness have done well in the last year.  History & biography do well in general.