Patron Requests

These are patron requests for OneClickdigital.  3M has a cart-sharing feature that allows us to put Patron Requests directly into a cart for ordering libraries to pull from, so does not need a separate list here. Patron requests come from the "Request a book" form on the main Digital Books page, phone, or email conversations.  These are checked against the purchase catalog every Monday, and this page is edited as items are purchased. 

Last updated: 2/27/15 -

Patron Requests - Single Titles
  • placeholder
Patron Requests - Multiple Titles by Author - sometimes series fill-in
  • James Patterson-
    • Confessions: the Paris Mysteries *
    • Violets are blue
    • Big bad wolf
    • Kill Alex Cross
    • Kiss (as Kiss: Witch & Wizard in catalog)
    • Gift (as Witch & Wizard: The Gift )
    • Fire (as Witch & Wizard: The Fire )
  • Jim Butcher - Dresden Files (others unowned not available at this time)
    • Side Jobs
    • White Night
  • Steven James (we have only 3 of 7)
    • Pawn
    • Rook
    • Knight
    • Bishop
    • Queen
  • Jim Butcher - Codex Alera (all available to purchase, none yet owned)
    • Furies of Calderon
    • Adadem's fury
    • Cursor's fury
    • Captain's fury
    • Princep's fury
    • First lord's fury
  • placeholder

Series Fill -In -- from Lianne's notes:

  • Susan Wittig Albert (we have 4-5 in series)
  • Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree
  • ...and the Naked ladies
  • ...and the confederate rose
  • placeholder