Patron Requests

These are patron requests for OneClickdigital.  3M has a cart-sharing feature that allows us to put Patron Requests directly into a cart for ordering libraries to pull from, so does not need a separate list here.

Patron requests come from the "Request a book" form on the main Digital Books page, phone, or email.  These are checked against the purchase catalog every Monday, and this page is edited as items are purchased.  Questions:

page last updated: Feb 10 

Patron Requests - Single Titles

Patron Requests - Multiple by Author
Toni Aleo - have the first few of this series:
  • Falling for the Backup
    Blue Lines
    Breaking Away
    Laces and Lace
    A Very Merry Hockey Holiday

Carly Phillips - have the LAST book in this 2 part series:
  • Serendipity
  • Destiny
  • Karma
  •  Perfect fit
  • perfect fling

Other OneClick Purchase Ideas
General Fiction
  • Jones, Tayari - Silver Sparrow

  • James Patterson - Confessions: Murder of an Angel (4th in series)
SciFi Fantasy
  • Ilona Andrews - Magic Shifts
  • Jack Vance - Planet of Adventure (unabridged omnibus of novellas in a series)
  • Brandon Sanderson - Warbreaker
Recent purchases on these topics generated interest:
  • parenting
  • mindfulness / "best brain" type of books
Works in general:
  • history
  • biographies

Young Adult
  • William Ritter - Beastly Bones (Fantasty, 2nd in series)
  • Ahiers, Sarah - Assassin's Heart
  • Ally Carter - Embassy Series
    • All Fall Down
    • See How They Run
  • Anthony Horowitz - fill in for Alex Rider:
    • Stormbreaker (1)
    • Russian Roulette (10)
  • Maggie Stiefvater
    • Linger
    • Forever
    • Sinner
  • placeholder