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Communication Skills

Communication Counts: Speaking and Listening for Results
(no. 283) 19 min.  
Employee misunderstandings in large organizations are said to run $62.4 million per year for an organization with 100,000 employees. In light of these statistics, there is no doubt that training designed to improve workplace communication is worth doing. This program depicts six common communication errors (lack of clarity, ineffective listening, too many distractions) while providing tips on how to avoid them.
PMP Competencies: Problem Solving, Productivity, and Communication

Conflict Resolution

Between You and Me: Solving Conflict for the Public Sector
(no. 296) 28 min.
Discusses conflict at work and possible steps for solving those conflicts. Points covered include taking responsibility for solving conflict, uncovering both sides of the story, allowing ventilation of emotions, and listening without judging or arguing.
PMP Competencies: Problem Solving, Attitude, and Teamwork

Customer Service

The End of the Line: Angry Customers Can Make or Break Your Business
(no. 287) 15 min.
Avoid potentially damaging confrontations on your service lines! This dramatic video shows employees how to deal with angry customers and solve their problems with tact and concern.
PMP Competency: Customer Service

Enhancing Service
(no. 298) 9 min.
Listen to customers, build rapport and demonstrate you care by being efficient, knowledgeable and a problem solver. This short video includes activities, handouts, discussion questions and slides. Everything you need to start the discussion.
PMP Competency: Customer Service

The Right Words at the Right Time
(Government version)
(no. 293) 14 min.
Produced specifically for front-line public employees, this training demonstrates how to turn a citizen customer's frustration or complaint into understanding. This program will empower staff with a clear and memorable checklist of service recovery tools and techniques that will help them handle any challenging customer situation in the heat of the moment.
PMP Competency: Customer Service and Professional Development

Who Cares? Greet Me, Respect Me, Listen to Me, Really Help Me
(Government version)
(no. 286) 22 min.
Improve customer service with four simple yet critical cornerstones of excellent customer service: greet the customer, respect the customer, listen to the customer and really help the customer. Designed specifically for government service.
PMP Competency: Customer Service, Professional Development, and Productivity


Diversity: Food for Thought
(no. 265) 20 min.
This unique video program uses conversations between the owner of a diner and his diverse customers to emphasize the importance of understanding and accepting individual differences. The video also encourages employees to focus on the kinds of changes we can make that will positively impact our attitudes and improve our work relationships.
PMP Competencies: Teamwork and Communication

Four Generations: The Greatest Potential
(no. 288) 21 min.
With four generations in today's workplace, differences in attitudes, values, and communication can create misunderstandings and trigger conflicts that reduce morale, teamwork, and productivity. This video profiles each of the four generations in today's workforce and teaches employees to understand the differences among generations, resolve conflicts and facilitate better teamwork while increasing productivity.
PMP Competencies: Problem Solving, Attitude, Teamwork, and Communication


Harassment: A New Look
(no. 290) 19 min.
This video examines unwanted behaviors, including include bullying, intimidation, inappropriate joking and humor, third-party harassment, digital harassment and age discrimination. It takes into account the basic concepts of harassment: quid pro quo, the reasonable person standard, hostile work environment and tangible employment action.
PMP Competency: Attitude and Accountability

Harassment is….
(Government version)
(no. 285) 22 min.
Harassment represents one of the most destructive workplace issues faced by public and private employers today. It's important to train all personnel to recognize the various forms of harassment and eliminate it in your organization. Explains the dos and don’ts of creating a respectful workplace.
PMP Competency: Attitude and Accountability

Sexual Harassment: You Make the Call
(VHS tape)
(no. 179) 17 min.
Discusses sexual harassment in the workplace. This video defines sexual harassment, illustrates the importance of training, and gives examples of what sexual harassment is. Note that this is a VHS tape.
PMP Competency: Attitude and Accountability


Focus Your Vision with Dewitt Jones 
(no. 264) 20 min. 
Dewitt Jones shows you how to focus on your goals, whether it's leading a team or completing a project. Focus is the difference between simply expressing a vision and actually achieving it. Key concepts: keep your vision focused, finding the parts to keep and letting the rest fall away, taking risks, and trusting your intuition. 
PMP Competencies: Problem Solving, Professional Development, and Leadership

*NEW* It's Okay to be the Boss
(no. 201) 27 min.
Bestselling author Bruce Tulgan offers specific tips and guidelines for managers to re-engage with their employees, outline solid expectations, and work to correct issues and reward successes as they occur. Key points are: making time to talk about work, implementing accountability, and managing low performers. Addresses PMP Competencies on Professional Development and Leadership.

*NEW* Once and For All: Resolving Performance Challenges
(no. 200) 21 min.
This video presents a clear set of actions that communicate specific expectations, timelines and consequences. It can be used in the development of new managers and team leaders. Viewers will learn how to conduct a corrective discussion and how to implement and follow the stops of progressive discipline. Package includes discussion questions, forms exercises and role plays. Addresses PMP Competencies on Professional Development and Leadership.

*NEW* Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow: Navigating Your Changing Role
(no. 299) 26 min.
Designed to help participants make a successful transition from “coworker” to “supervisor”, this video presents four strategies that will help new supervisors navigate changing relationships and prepare for the most difficult situations they’re likely to encounter. Package includes a facilitator guide, reproducible materials and a PowerPoint presentation. Addresses PMP Competencies on Professional Development and Leadership.

The Practical Coach: Encouraging, Correcting and Challenging Your Team
(no. 294) 24 min., pocket cards
Coaching is all about encouraging, correcting and challenging your team. It's as simple as noticing how your team is performing and then letting them know you notice. Situations cover a variety of topics: from getting good work repeated, correcting poor work in a positive way, dealing with poor personal habits, and tools for turning a dead-end performance around.
PMP Competencies: Professional Development and Leadership


Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones
(no. 226) 20 min.
Photojournalist Dewitt Jones shares inspirational stories to illustrate how changing perspective and reframing the problem can lead to opportunities. Viewers will learn that creativity is not about art, but having the right attitude.
PMP Competencies: Attitude, Job Knowledge and Professional Development, and Problem Solving

Fish!: Catch the Energy, Release the Potential
(no. 204) 17 min.
Shows employees how to generate the energy needed for a high-morale work environment. Highlights four main concepts: play, make their day, be there, and choose your attitude.
PMP Competencies: Attitude, Customer Service, and Productivity

Is “Good” Enough?

(no. 295) 3 min., pocket cards
Combining dynamic graphics, captivating music, and striking images, this eye-opening motivational meeting opener challenges viewers to re-think their standards of quality, safety, and excellence. At times entertaining and at times tragic, this short, thought provoking video is sure to stimulate discussion at your next team meeting.
PMP Competencies: Attitude and Accountability, and Teamwork

We Are the Ones

(no. 270) 5 min.
Embracing the concept of looking to ourselves for leadership and positive change, We Are The Ones combines amazing film footage of the Southwest with a powerful message that will convince viewers to work together to face the future. Based on A Message from The Hopi Elders, this meeting opener will help any organization come a step closer to recognizing and achieving their goals.
PMP Competencies: Attitude, Job Knowledge and Professional Development and Leadership

Respectful Workplace

Workplace Bullying Made Simple: Bullying Prevention in the Workplace
(no. 297) 5 min.
Workplace bullying is not a new problem, but only just recently has the plague of bullying at work been quantified. Conservative estimates put the loss in productivity at over a billion dollars in the US alone. This short but comprehensive workplace bullying prevention video covers every aspect of this important topic in just 5 minutes. Decline in employee morale, loss in productivity, employee turnover, health problems and loss in organizational reputation are just a few of the problems that the bullying causes.
PMP Competencies: Attitude, Teamwork, Communication, and Leadership

Preventing Workplace Bullying: How to Recognize and Respond to Bullies at Work
(no. 284) 17 min.
The program uses a variety of compelling vignettes to clarify what workplace bullying is while presenting practical steps people can take to effectively address these situations.
PMP Competencies: Attitude and Leadership

Workplace Ethics

Social Media: Reduce the Risk
(no. 289) 21 min.
Opens discussion on an emerging issue and set in a typical workplace. The program elaborates on specific issues that a formal social media policy must address and provides a blueprint for such a policy, citing general guidelines on content, scope and application, management and enforcement, and consequences of violations.
PMP Competencies: Accountability and Communication

Workplace Violence

Threat Detector: Your Role in Preventing Workplace Violence
(no. 291) DVD 1- 10 min., DVD 2- 7 min.
Safety depends on awareness of threat. Employees play a very important role in preventing violence in our workplace. This program has four learning objectives; define a threat, identify behaviors that should be reported, increase awareness of possible threats to prevent workplace violence and list company resources including violence prevention policies.
PMP Competency: Leadership

Violence: Reducing Your Risk
(no. 292) 28 min.
One of the last bastions of relative safety, the workplace, is increasingly becoming a dangerous place for both employees and managers. This video is about reducing your risk of being a victim. It teaches you how to avoid potentially violent situations; and how to form a plan of action for escape or defense if violence occurs.

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