Britannica E-STAX

Accessing E-STAX:
  1. Go to the Library eCard Login ( and log in with your Kansas Library eCard information.
  2. In the Digital Books eLending section, and click the access link to Britannica E-STAX.
Finding a Book:
When you reach the Britannica E-STAX main page, you will see the books in order by title.
  • Browse:  
    • Above the cover of the first book, find the box that says "Subjects." 
    • Click the drop-down box to the right of "subjects," you will be able to choose from topics like Animals, History, Science.  Choose one, and the page will show the results.
  • Search: there is a simple search box at the top of the page (in the black banner).  Here you can search for keywords like insect, rocks, horses. 
Using a Book:
Read Online
  • Click the "Online Reading" button to start the book.
  • Turn pages using arrow buttons at the bottom right of the book screen.  
  • Exit the book by:
    • Computer: clicking "Home" or the Britannica logo in the upper left corner.
    • Mobile device: click the leaning books icon in upper left corner.
  • Works in any device with a web browser, even color ereaders.
Download Book (Optional)
  • Install the iPublish Central Reader: 
  • Download a Book: 
    • Click the round blue "Download" button for the book.
    • This opens a new page, click the button with the green arrow to download the book file.
    • Choose to "open" the book.  Your iPublish software/mobile app will come up, and show the book. Finalize the book download by: 
      • Computer: click the "download" button in the iPublish Central software.
      • Mobile app: tap the cover of the book.
  • Read a Book:
    • Computer: 
      • Click the "read" link for the book to open it.
      • Turn pages using the arrow buttons at the bottom right of the book screen.
    • Mobile app:
      • Tap the cover of the book to open the book, then tap the book again to start.
      • Swipe to turn pages (you might want to turn the device to landscape for best viewing). 
      • Tap the center of the pages to access the menu (exit will be in top left corner). 
What else do I need to know?
  • No limits on how many books you can read or download.
  • All books have unlimited copies, so there are no holds.  An entire class can read the same book at the same time.
  • Downloaded book copies will expire in the software/mobile app after two months, but can be downloaded again if you still need the book.  Delete the expired copy before you download another (trash can button). 
  • Your school or library might have a direct link set up for E-STAX, but that special link will only work at school/inside the library.  If you want to use E-STAX at home, please get a Kansas Library eCard from your librarian.  The card allows you to get to the site as described at the top of this page.
  • My Folder login is optional.  This is to keep notes on books you read, but no additional personal login is needed to use the site.
  • Any questions?  Email us: