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News & programs as they come up, these are on a schedule:
-Wednesdays - Digital Book of the Week
-Thursdays - Kansas Government Information (KGI) Blog topic of the week.
-Odd numbered months (mid-month) - post promoting a database.
-Fridays (summer only) - Kids' digital book of the week on the summer reading theme. 
Big 6 Facebook
Bestsellers from the biggest book publishers, noting their sale terms. To raise awareness of expiring ebook copies & higher library prices. Usually Mondays.

State Library Blogs
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Current Blogs:
Audience? What's posted here?
From the Reference Desk
anyone Topic of interest with links to further information for research or just fun (usually bi-monthly).
KGI Online Library
anyone Weekly (usually Thursdays) post on interesting items or special topics from the Kansas Government Information Online Library, which is digitally preserving Kansas government publications.
Librarian News
librarians Librarian-side updates on databases, digital books, the KSLC, ILL, programming, training & webinars, and any other projects.
LIS Collection
librarians Titles newly added to the State Library's Library & Information Services collection, all available to borrow through ILL.
Statewide Online Services News
Patron-side updates for digital books, databases, the Kansas Library eCard.  Some posts have a schedule:
-Wednesdays - Digital Book of the Week
-Odd numbered months (mid-month) - post promoting a database.