Text instructions begin with account creation and software setup, then progress through checking out and using a book.

No-Software Options

Windows Transfer: Fully Compatible MP3 Players
MP3 players must be DRM compatible, only known listed below. Models still available for purchase are marked with a **.  Devices not on this list are partially compatible.
  • iPods - all standard (Classic, Nano, Shuffle, etc) **
  • Sansa - Clip, Clip+, Clip Zip, and Fuze. **  Note: newest model, Sport, NOT fully compatible. 
  • Creative Players - Zen Vision M, Vision W, V, V Plus, Mosaic, Mosaic LX, X-Fi, Sleek, Sleek Photo.
  • Phillips Go Gear Vibe
  • Sony Walkmans made 2011-2013 only.
Mac Transfer: iPod Only
Macs can only transfer to iPods. If you have a Mac and a non-iPod MP3 player, you will need to use the Manual Download option.