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Recent posts:

  1. Kansas in 1917

    Have you ever wondered what life was like in "The good old days"? No cellphones...  Mass production of automobiles and airplanes was still relatively new. The amenities of the 21st century lived only in the imaginations of some back then. Well,...

  2. 1949 Document on Chemical Use in Agriculture

    We added an interesting document to the State Library of Kansas' KGI Online Library this morning:  "Chemicals for Farming." The booklet was published in 1949 by the Kansas State Board of Agriculture as part of its "Report" series.  The record with...

  3. Kansas Fish and Game magazine, 1939-1969, online

    How many of you have ever flipped through pages of "Kansas Fish & Game," a quarterly magazine published by the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission. Begun in 1939, the periodical featured articles and photos on hunting, fishing, trapping, game...

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