Summer Reading 2016

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2016 Kids Summer Reading Books of the Week

The books promoted weekly through the summer of 2016 no longer have direct special links, but are accessible through the Kids' eBook sites:
Champion: the Story of Muhammed Ali – final book, posted 8/5/16 (TumbleBooks)

Did you know that Ali was introduced to boxing as a sport by a police officer after his bike was stolen? Meant for grades 3 and older, this biography covers all facets of Ali’s life including racism, his change of religion to Islam, and health problems from injuries.

Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon & Keeping Fit (BookFlix)
The older kids say that the gym teacher is a mean guy. He will make you run laps around the world and make you square dance, but they are just exaggerating. The book “Keeping Fit” is about exercising and nutrition, and mentions the site MyPlate.

Karate (Britannica E-STAX)

Karate takes a lot of discipline. This ebook introduces vocabulary words for karate suitable for younger kids.

Stretch AND Wiggle (Tumblebooks)

These two books go perfectly together- you should always Stretch before you Wiggle! Take this opportunity to work off some of that energy during storytime.

Duck on a Bike & Bicycle Safety (BookFlix storybook & ebook pair)

The Tour de France race has started and the teams will bike about 2,200 miles this month! Read “Bicycle Safety” to learn how to be safe on your bike, and the BookFlix storybook “Duck on a Bike” is fun for the youngest children as Duck bikes by all of the other farm animals.

Hiking (Britannica E-STAX)
Hiking is good exercise and you can learn about the local environment as you go. This book has information on the equipment you may need for hiking and how to be a good steward of public lands.  Kansas is lucky to have 26 beautiful State Parks. Check out for a park near you with hiking trails, swimming, and other activities.

Block the Sun Not the Fun (TumbleBooks)
Rhyming storybook about being sun-smart while taking part in outdoor activities.

Giraffes Can’t Dance & Kids Can Dance (BookFlix storybook & ebook pair)

Dancing can be a fun way to exercise, and if you’re serious about being a dancer that takes just as much practice and athleticism as sports. In this storybook, Gerald wants to dance at the party. The other animals say giraffes are too clumsy to dance until he proves them wrong! BookFlix pairs this with an ebook about dance types & vocabulary.

Playground Games (Britannica E-STAX)
This short E-STAX ebook is for the youngest readers (PreK-grade 1) and meant to focus on a few vocabulary words. Perhaps a good book to read before drawing hopscotch patterns on the library sidewalk?

Game Day by Tiki & Ronde Barber – first book, posted 6/3/16 (TumbleBook)
Tiki & Ronde play on the same football team. Tiki is the quarterback and gets a lot of attention for making touchdowns, but he would not make it far without Ronde to block tackles. A book about teamwork, naturally! This Tumblebook is a bit longer than other storybooks (15 minutes) and the reading level is for grade 2 and older.