Summer Reading Program


Each week, this page will feature a book on the summer reading theme, Heroes. And just for this summer, access the titles directly from this page by clicking on the cover images. No login required!

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Pop's Bridge
Two boys watch the building of the Golden Gate bridge. Their fathers are on the crew.  The workers walked and climbed the enormous heights of the bridge, dealing with high winds and the danger of falling into the strong currents below. Available on Tumblebooks.

A Very Busy Firehouse
A Very Busy Firehouse

Firefighters are heroes right in your community.  Learn about what a firefighter’s day and tools with the BookFlix paired books “A Very Busy Firehouse” and video storybook “Dot the Fire Dog.”

Jackie Robinson
World War II veteran Jackie Robinson became the first black man to play national league baseball.  He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and endured the hatred of other players and fans, while always playing the best game possible.  More than one book about Jackie Robinson is available, here are the links:
Britannica E-STAX
Scholastic BookFlix

Not So Tall For Six

Kylie is a lot smaller than her classmates.  It makes a lot of things frustrating, but Kylie has the courage to deal with bully Rusty Jacks – including being nice to him. A cute book about how bravery doesn’t have to be about fighting.  Available on Tumblebooks, good for preK-early elementary.

Martin's Big Words

A video storybook that makes the life of Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement understandable for children.  “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” The story is paired with an additional early reader book about King on BookFlix.

Kevin Durant in the Community

Professional basketball player Kevin Durant was raised in a poor neighborhood by his mother and grandmother.  Durant is involved in many community charities, and started the Kevin Durant Family Foundation with his mom. The foundation helps single-parent families and provides after-school and summer programs for kids. This Britannica E-STAX ebook is tagged for older elementary.
Officer Buckle and Gloria
Officer Buckle and Gloria

This title serves up a double helping of community heroes, Police Officer Buckle and his amazing canine, Gloria. This read-aloud animated picture book is available through BookFlix, so it's paired with Police Officers on the Go!, an early reader. The set will appeal to older preschoolers and younger elementary students.

Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken

There are many types of heroes - this picture book features an unusual one. Louise is no ordinary chicken. Discontented with her henhouse, she ventures out into the world, where she finds plenty of excitement and peril. Being an adventurous chicken means having an abundance of bravery, an aspect of heroism that young children can understand. This title is available on Tumblebooks, and it is divided into chapters, so it will appeal to children about 4 to 8 years old.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt

In addition to being First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt was an advocate for women, the poor and for the rights of all people. Recognizing her dedication to advocacy, President Truman appointed her to the United Nations, where she led Commission on Human Rights. This early reader will engage children reading at grade levels 2 through 5, and would make a good read aloud for younger children.  Eleanor Roosevelt is part of the Equal Rights Leaders series, and this and other biography titles are available through Britannica E-STAX.