Linking to Digital Books

Link to the Digital Books eLending project homepage:
The main page link has not changed with the new website, so if you were using this no changes need to be made.  If you would rather use an SLK logo with imbedded script, this is at the bottom of the page.
Direct Links for Your Library:
These children's ebook services can be linked to directly from your library.  Please contact with any questions and to be set up. 

Britannica E-STAX
  • Restrictions: none.  School use welcomed.
  • Option: in-library use link.  Your patrons/students will not need to login to use E-STAX while at the library/school.  
  • Individual stats: not available.
  • Restrictions: TumbleBooks is a public library subscription and school use is not covered by our license. 
  • Options: no setup, just request link. 
  • Individual stats: not available.
Scholastic BookFlix
  • Restrictions: BookFlix is a public library subscription and school use is not covered by our license.
  • Options: two levels are available.
    • In-library-use link.  Your patrons will not need to login with a KSLC to use BookFlix while at the library, but will if using it from home.
    • In-library & remote use, with login through your own card system. 
  • Individual stats: yes.

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