Digital Book Statistics

Statewide Platform Statistics 2016 - collection size, checkouts, and other monthly data for each platform.

OneClickdigital Local Statistics - Patrons provide a zip code during registration, just find your zip(s) in the spreadsheets.
Digital Book Statistics Archive for previous years.

Can I get local stats on any other digital book platforms?

  • BookFlix offers local access & stats.  Requires minor setup, please fill out this form to request it.  After setup, you will receive your stats monthly from an SLK staff member.  
  • eBooks - development is in progress. As these all use the KSLC for login, our card host developed a way for vendors to "see" the library that the card originated from.  Each digital book vendor has to now integrate this data into their system so a report of "X number of checkouts for library Y" is possible. Updates: 
    • Enki  - testing complete, working on adding new code to reports - 2/26/16
    • Freading - all complete as of March 2016.
    • 3M Cloud Library - not complete
    • Total Boox - not complete