Digital Book Statistics

Overall Statistics 
Each service has their own sheet in the excel document, please use the tabs at the bottom to select a platform.  Updated around the beginning of each month.

Platform Statistics for 2015--Excel Document

Statistics Summary for 2014
Statistics Summary for 2013
Statistics Summary for 2012
OneClickdigital Statistics by Zip Code
OneClick patrons provide a zip code during registration.  The sheets below are sorted numerically by zip.  We have deleted any lines with non-zip information or other issues (some patrons have put a street address in this field).  If you are near the state line and issue cards to patrons across the border, please find the relevant zips and add them to your total.

Circulation by Zip (Run Monthly)
You may have multiple lines, as some patrons enter zip+4, these were shortened so the excel document would sort properly.
Patron Account Totals by Zip (Quarterly)
Find your zip(s), then total the number of lines to see how many accounts. Now posted quarterly.