3M Cloud Library Purchasing

3M Cloud Library CAT (Admin Panel)
  • username is your email address
  • use forgot password link if you have misplaced your information.
  • want to be set up to purchase?  Email Lianne Flax.
What do you need to know about purchasing?
  • Pre-Made Carts: may drag items from any shopping cart into your buying cart.  Lianne adds books to carts under her name to help with selection:
    • Patron Requests (any patron requests added on Monday afternoons)
    • Bestsellers (from NYTimes or Top Sellers lists)
    • Series Fill-in (added as noticed in the system)
  • Avoid omnibus, "collections" or "the novels of" type of files.  Please buy the individual titles in a series.  Omnibus editions end up with a "cycle of holds" as most patrons cannot finish 4 or more books in a 2 week checkout period.
  • Publisher restrictions - if a publisher does not allow us to purchase their materials due to our library type, their books are hidden from us in the shopping panel.  You cannot accidentally purchase them. 
  • Order confirmation - the system does not send order confirmations.  Lianne is happy to send confirmation of your purchase and the cart purchase report, just ask.
  • Billing - 3M bills for all carts ordered during the previous calendar month on the 1st.  If you need an early invoice at any time, please ask Lianne.  Allow 2-3 days for processing of an early invoice.