Library Statistics

Library Statistics
Kansas Public Libraries at a Glance
  • Total public libraries: 328 libraries or systems, 365 library buildings
  • Circulation: 26,343,343 items / (10.7 items per capita)
  • Visits: 14,680,303 / (5.9 visits per capita)
  • Library card holders: 1,697,838 cardholders or 68.8% of Kansans in library service areas
  • Public Internet Computer Uses: 3,830,128 times
Source: State Library of Kansas, Kansas Public Library Services 2012

Of the 50 States and the District of Columbia, Kansas Ranks:
  • 4th in number of registered borrowers per capita
  • 6th in the number of public-use Internet computers per capita
  • 10th in total circulation per capita
  • 12th in number of volumes per capita
  • 16th in the number of library visits per capita
Source: Institute of Museum and Library Services, Public Libraries in the United States Fiscal Year 2011, Released March 2014

Kansas Public Library Services Annual Surveys
The results of the annual public library surveys from 2003 through the present can be found online. Spreadsheets with the data are also available upon request.

Interlibrary Loan Statistics
  • Total Borrow Requests: 1,969,308
  • Total Lend Requests: 1,188,802