Kansas Kids & Parents

Statewide Programs
Kansas Reads to PreSchoolers
November is Kansas Reads to Preschoolers Month.  Libraries across the state will be doing special projects around the year's chosen book.
Summer Reading Program
Every Friday through the summer we post a kid's book of the week that goes with the Summer Reading Program theme. 
Online Resources
The databases and other digital resources appropriate for youth have been divided by audience level on this pages- just click the tiles.

Search, Learn, Storybooks

Research for Kids

Middle-High School Research

Student Research
Playaway Collections
Libraries around Kansas are sharing access to special materials for children. If your library does not have any of these items, they can have some sent.  Most based on a topic (history, animals, science).
  • Views - handheld video players that contain educational & entertainment content.
  • Playaway Launchpads - tablet preloaded with learning apps.
  • Playaway Bookpacks - print book packaged with an all-in-one audio player.