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Kansas Public Libraries at a Glance
  • Total public libraries: 328 libraries or systems, 365 library buildings
  • Circulation: 26,951,701 items / (11.0 items per capita)
  • Visits: 15,185,918 / (6.2 visits per capita)
  • Library card holders: 1,753,871 cardholders or 71.6% of Kansans in library service areas
  • Public Internet Computer Uses: 4,302,762 times
Source: State Library of Kansas, Kansas Public Library Services 2011

Of the 50 States and the District of Columbia, Kansas Ranks:
  • 2nd in number of registered borrowers per capita
  • 2nd in the number of public-use Internet computers per capita
  • 8th in total circulation per capita
  • 10th in number of volumes per capita
  • 14th in the number of library visits per capita
Source: Institute of Museum and Library Services, Public Libraries in the United States Fiscal Year 2010, Released January 2013
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