OneClick iOS App

Getting Started

To use OneClickdigital, you must (a) register for an account, (b) install & set up the app.

A. Register for an account (one time only, proves KS residency to company)

  1. Go to Library eCard Login above (or and sign in with your Kansas Library eCard.
  2. Choose the OneClickdigital Audiobooks Registration link from the Digital Book eLending area.
  3. This opens OneClickdigital, and has communicated that you are allowed to make an account.  Fill out the form, some notes: 
    • Username: pick something easy to type and remember, do not use spaces.
    • Password: minimum of 7 characters, use letters and numbers.
    • Zip code: please provide a 5-digit zip for statistical purposes.
  4. Click the Register button once, and wait until your name (or a person icon if on a small screen) appears in the upper right side of the webpage.  

B. Install & set up the mobile app:

  1. Open the App Store on your device.
  2. Search for and install the OneClickdigital app onto your device. Open app when installation is complete.
    1. Click on 'FREE' button to start download/installation.
  3. Select country of USA.
  4. Enter your username OR email address (do not use your library card number here)
  5. Library - select "State Library of Kansas."
  6. Enter your password in the final box. Choose to have the app save your information, and tap the down arrow. 
You will now be on the My Titles screen, which is the main screen of the app.  It will be blank unless you had already checked out books. 

as of autumn 2015, OneClickdigital has added an ebooks tab to the app.  We only subscribe to their audiobooks service.  The ebooks part will always be blank for you.

Check Out a Book

  1. From the My Titles screen, tap Search at the bottom of the app. This opens the OneClickdigital site inside the app, and you have access to all search & browse options.   Here's what we like to do to find books that are available right now:
  2. Click on the 3-line button on the far left, under OneClickdigital logo (Browse).
  3. Choose Advanced Search. This pulls up a screen with multiple boxes:
    • All Availability - make this Available.
    • All Genre - can pick a subject (mystery, biography, etc) to narrow down the type of book you prefer.
  4. Tap Search, and you will see all available books in the genre you chose.  Tap the "sort by" at the upper left side to sort to "date added" for newest available.
  5. Once you've found a book, tap on it.  Use the Checkout Now button (if doing a general search & all copies are in use, the button is Hold).
  6. Tap My Titles in the upper left corner to return to the main screen of the app. 
  7. Your new checkout should show.  If it does not, refresh the app by tapping the round button with two arrows at the top left corner of My Titles. 

Use a Book

  1. Use the download button (down arrow) for the book first, or just tap the play button (circular button with arrow) to start both download and play of the book.
  2. A screen with the book's cover appears.  If the book had not downloaded yet, the first part of the book will need to load (the rest of the book downloads in the background as you listen).
  3. The book begins to play.  Standard playback controls are below the book cover.  The app will keep your place if you pause or stop.

What Else?

  • Early return - tap the i (info) button for the book, and select "return."
  • Renew a book - tap the i (info) button for the book, and select "renew."  You cannot renew a book if someone else is waiting on hold for it.
  • Download All -- option in bottom red border of app - use this if you would like the app to download all parts of all checked out books. 
  • Download only on Wifi - this option is on by default.  To change it or make sure it is on, go to Settings (in bottom red border of app).
  • Holds - can view what space you are in line for a hold, or remove holds by:
    • go into Search
    • when the full site appears, choose "My Titles" under your name or the "browse" menu (3 lines button)  Scroll down to the holds area.