OneClick Listen Online

Listen Online is currently not available, but is coming back soon.  If you would like to be notified when Listen Online returns, email This page shows previous directions and will be updated when this option comes back.

Getting Started

To use OneClickdigital, you must register for an account.  This is one-time only. 
  1. Go to Library eCard Login above and sign in with your Kansas Library Card.
  2. Choose the OneClickdigital Registration link from the Digital Book eLending section.
  3. You will be taken to the Create an Account screen.  Fill out the form, some notes: 
    • Username: pick something easy to type and remember, do not use spaces.
    • Password: minimum of 7 characters, use letters and numbers.
    • Zip code: please provide a 5-digit zip for statistical purposes.
  4. Click the Create Account button once, and wait until "Welcome [Your Name]" appears in the upper right corner of the webpage.  

Check Out a Book

  1. Search or browse for a book to check out. Our favorite way: 
    • Go to Advanced Search
    • Scroll down to the final box on the right - Available for Checkout.  Make this Available and search. 
    • Every book with available copies will show.  From here, use the Search Selection column at right to narrow the search to a genre (like mystery) and/or the Sort By box at the top of the results (Release Date will put the newest first).
  2. When you have found a book, click the cover.  The book's details are shown.  
  3. Use the Checkout Now button (if all copies are in use, the button is Hold).
  4. If your browser asks to download a file, click cancel. 

Use a Book

  1. Go to the My Collections section. 
  2. In the list of checked out items, click the Title of your book.  
  3. This will show you a book details page.  Click Chapters.  
  4. Choose the first part of the book to start playing the book.   Please realize: 
    • the next part of the book does not play automatically, you will have to click it when the first is over.
    • your place will not be saved by the website, keep track of where you left off.

What Else?

  • Early return and Renewals are available from the My Collections section.  You may not renew a book that someone else is on hold for, so the renew button will be missing if that is the case.  
  • Holds - from the My Collections area, choose the Holds tab.  You can view your current holds and remove any you no longer want.  
  • Download buttons in My Collections are for manual download users only.