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Kansas Newspaper Clippings - Consumer Protection


Deb Gruver
Scam targets business owners
Wichita Eagle, 01/05/2006

Steve Painter
Bill would open court documents
Wichita Eagle, 01/12/2006

Finn Bullers
Under bill, Johnson County could keep access to data
Kansas City Star, 01/13/2006

Opening files to the public
Kansas City Star, 01/13/2006

Associated Press
Chairman honored for work on open records
Hutchinson News, 01/14/2006

Deb Gruver
If you win a lottery you didn't enter, it's a warning, not a gift
Wichita Eagle, 01/14/2006

John Hanna
Group seeks new change in records, meetings laws
Hutchinson News, 01/14/2006

Tim Carpenter
Groups pushing for more open government
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/15/2006

Scott Rothschild
Hueiskamp honored
Lawrence Journal World, 01/16/2006

Fred Mann
Lawmaker fans idea of covenant loophole
Wichita Eagle, 01/16/2006

Some conservatives are true believers in open government
Wichita Eagle, 01/17/2006

Citizens deserve to have free access [editorial]
Kansas City Star, 01/17/2006

Finn Bullers
High court, county at odds over electronic access issue
Kansas City Star, 01/17/2006

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Executive sessions weighing risks [editorial]
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/18/2006

Dion Lefler
Who's behind that business?
Wichita Eagle, 01/19/2006

Chris Moon
Inspector post may be widened
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/19/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
Kansas considering no-fax list
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/21/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
State lawmakers considering a do-not-fax list
Wichita Eagle, 01/21/2006

[Question and Answer from Attorney General Phil Kline]
Kansas City Kansan, 01/21/2006

Police affidavits should be open records
Wichita Eagle, 01/22/2006

Eric Weslander
County, court in online records battle
Lawrence Journal World, 01/27/2006

Special to the Olathe News
Kansas Bar Association to mediate records dispute
Olathe Daily News, 01/28/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
Bill could ease rules for using gift cards
Wichita Eagle, 01/31/2006

Sarah Kessinger
Open government advocates want taped sessions
Hutchinson News, 01/31/2006

Chris Green
Dispute threatens to slow statewide Internet access to records
Hutchinson News, 01/31/2006

Chris Green
Statewide Internet access to records threatened
Garden City Telegram, 01/31/2006

Scott Rothschild
Gift card reform sought
Lawrence Journal World, 02/01/2006

Makes sense to tape executive sessions
Wichita Eagle, 02/06/2006

John D. Montgomery
Taped sessions [editorial]
Hays Daily News, 02/07/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
Bill would allow taping of executive sessions
Wichita Eagle, 02/10/2006

Rhonda Holman
Open up unsealing affidavits would build trust
Wichita Eagle, 02/10/2006

Tim Vandenack
Official investigating open records complaint against board members
Hutchinson News, 02/10/2006

David Klepper
Lawsuit fee proposed as answer to conflict
Kansas City Star, 02/14/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
Gift-certificate bill stalls in committee
Wichita Eagle, 02/15/2006

Ron Knox
Journal-World honored for going 'above and beyond' in reporting
Lawrence Journal World, 02/16/2006

Jack Miles
Shield law bolsters free flow of information for democracy
Johnson County Sun, 02/16/2006

Emerson Lynn, Jr
A modest proposal to aid public bodies [opinion]
Iola Register, 02/20/2006

Larry N. Zimmerman
Door could be closed [letter to the editor]
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/22/2006

One open records bill shot down, another backed
Iola Register, 02/22/2006

Steve Painter
Committee rejects open records bill
Wichita Eagle, 02/23/2006

J-W Staff Reports
Senate to consider tenants' rights bill
Lawrence Journal World, 02/23/2006

Big stakes in legislation
Johnson County Sun, 02/23/2006

Phillip Brownlee
House strikes out on open government bills
Wichita Eagle, 02/25/2006

Sarah Kessisnger
House doesn't debate bill on closed meetings
Hutchinson News, 02/25/2006

Eric Weslander
Police warn about fake coupons
Lawrence Journal World, 02/25/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
House supports limiting gift card expiration dates
Wichita Eagle, 02/25/2006

Closed talks [editorial]
Garden City Telegram, 02/25/2006

Doug Anstaett
Other editors open government
Chanute Tribune, 02/25/2006

Paul Wenske
'Flipping' is flopping in Kansas, thankfully
Kansas City Star, 02/26/2006

Sarah Kessinger
House opts against debating measure on closed meetings
Hays Daily News, 02/26/2006

Get rid of secrecy, don't nurture it
Kansas City Star, 02/27/2006

Doug Anstaett
Open government a casualty of politics
Manhattan Mercury, 02/27/2006

J-W Editorial
Earning the trust [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 02/28/2006

Leaders scuttle a good bill
Hutchinson News, 02/28/2006

Tom Bell
Must be something to hide [editorial]
Salina Journal, 02/28/2006

Mary Clarkin
Attorney submits complaint concerning Reno County registrar, Open Records Act
Hutchinson News, 03/04/2006

Doug Anstaett
Reader Forum
Hays Daily News, 03/06/2006

Eric Weslander
Local contractor cheated customers, state says in lawsuit
Lawrence Journal World, 03/10/2006

Staff and Wire Reports
Be aware of scams
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/12/2006

Public's right to know [cartoon]
Hutchinson News, 03/12/2006

Randy Brown
Democracy needs light [opinion]
Wichita Eagle, 03/12/2006

Deb Gruver
Open records are no secret here's how you can get them from Kansas Government Agencies
Wichita Eagle, 03/12/2006

Deb Gruver
Open records shine light on government's actions
Wichita Eagle, 03/12/2006

Randy Brown
Some hope but not all is sunny
Winfield Daily Courier, 03/12/2006

Democracy demands open government [opinion]
Iola Register, 03/13/2006

Ernestine Krehbiel and Betty Ladwig
Sunshine laws only as good as public demands
Wichita Eagle, 03/15/2006

Crowson's View [cartoon]
Wichita Eagle, 03/15/2006

Celebrate open government [opinion]
Olathe Daily News, 03/16/2006

Deb Gruver
Consumers warned of 'secret shopper' scam
Wichita Eagle, 03/17/2006

Ron Sylvester
Court sides with sellers of moldy mansion
Wichita Eagle, 03/21/2006

Deb Gruver
Purchasing a house? Know what you'll sign
Wichita Eagle, 03/27/2006

Tribune Staff
No open meeting violation found
Chanute Tribune, 03/28/2006

Paul Wenske
Lead in kids' jewelry draws calls for action
Kansas City Star, 03/31/2006

Jason Probst
Scam has caller posing as IRS agent
Hutchinson News, 04/08/2006

Associated Press
District attorney warns consumers of ad scam
Hutchinson News, 04/08/2006

Joel Mathis
As cemetery fell into disarray, state officials waited to act
Lawrence Journal World, 04/20/2006

Joel Mathis
Company in trouble in other states
Lawrence Journal World, 04/20/2006

Deb Gruver
Identity theft PINs on intrust cards were stolen
Wichita Eagle, 04/20/2006

Deb Gruver
Cardholders rush for replacements
Wichita Eagle, 04/21/2006

John Green
Identity Theft
Hutchinson News, 04/21/2006

J-W Editorial
Slow to act? [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 04/24/2006

News Staff
Westar Energy warning public about scam
Hutchinson News, 04/26/2006

Jack "Miles" Ventimiglia
Governor signs law to combat ID theft
Johnson County Sun, 04/27/2006

Mary Clarkin
Reno Co. lax with SS numbers
Hutchinson News, 04/29/2006

Deb Gruver
Corporations' records can be inspected online
Wichita Eagle, 05/01/2006

Associated Press
Bill would toughen Medicaid-fraud enforcement
Wichita Eagle, 05/02/2006

Lax with information
Hutchinson News, 05/02/2006

Courtney Cloyd
Directory company to refund 'rebate checks'
Wichita Eagle, 05/05/2006

Kansas complaints result in reimbursement by company
Kansas City Star, 05/05/2006

Crowson's view [cartoon]
Wichita Eagle, 05/14/2006

Associated Press
Medicaid fraud, abuse focus of bills
Kansas City Star, 05/17/2006

J-W Staff Reports
Bills target abuse of disabled, Medicaid fraud
Lawrence Journal World, 05/17/2006

J-W Staff Reports
Holland files to seek third term in House
Lawrence Journal World, 05/19/2006

Mark Davis
Local builder accused of fraud
Kansas City Star, 05/19/2006

Matt McNabb
HCU debit card info might have been stolen
Hutchinson News, 05/19/2006

Deb Gruver
EBay offer of boxes of bills smells like a scam
Wichita Eagle, 05/20/2006

Associated Press
Builder charged with bank fraud
Lawrence Journal World, 05/20/2006

Andi Atwater
State awarded grant to study e-health records
Wichita Eagle, 05/26/2006

Deb Gruver
High rates likelier for minorities
Wichita Eagle, 06/01/2006

Deb Gruver
Group to protest payday loans
Wichita Eagle, 06/02/2006

Matt McNabb
Wal-Mart alters policy on checks
Hutchinson News, 06/04/2006

Staff and Wire Reports
Kansas home foreclosures increase
Salina Journal, 06/06/2006

Deb Gruver
Payday loans breed concern
Wichita Eagle, 06/09/2006

Jason Probst
Police suspect manager lifted info of customers
Hutchinson News, 06/09/2006

Icess Fernandez
Lenders' backers leave meeting
Wichita Eagle, 06/11/2006

Jim Sullinger
Gift cards' strings tie shoppers in knots
Kansas City Star, 06/19/2006

Claudia Lauer
Reports reveal increase in scams
Topeka Capital Journal, 06/22/2006

Frank Tankard
Your ID is right at your fingertips
Kansas City Star, 06/24/2006

Michael Hooper
Scam artists dupe, steal
Topeka Capital Journal, 08/13/2006

Deb Gruver
State warns investors of oil and gas scams
Wichita Eagle, 08/14/2006

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
'Windfall' scams go slow
Topeka Capital Journal, 08/15/2006

Deb Gruver
Social security numbers who needs your: who doesn't
Wichita Eagle, 09/07/2006

Paul Wenske
Title loans: Easy money, hard knocks
Kansas City Star, 09/17/2006

Steve Fry
Co-defendant pleads guilty
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/12/2006

Joe Rodriguez
Latest Nigerian scam lures the lonely
Wichita Eagle, 10/13/2006

Duane Schrag
Open or shut?
Salina Journal, 11/05/2006

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Do-Not-Call lists not at home
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/10/2006

Mark Fagan
Consumer unit gets to work
Lawrence Journal World, 11/30/2006

Taylor Atkins
Safe Streets issues gift card scam warnings
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/01/2006

J-W Editorials
Consumer advocate [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 12/06/2006

Dion Lefler
Park City meeting legality debated
Wichita Eagle, 12/09/2006

Deb Gruver
Legislator targets payday lenders
Wichita Eagle, 12/11/2006

Associate Press
Legislator to introduce bill capping payday loan interest
Emporia Gazette, 12/11/2006

Randy Scholfield
Caps lawmakers should rein in payday loans
Wichita Eagle, 12/12/2006

Associate Press
Wichita lawmaker considers capping payday loan interest
Lawrence Journal World, 12/12/2006

Local florists need consumer protection, too [opinion]
Winfield Daily Courier, 12/12/2006

Ann Charles
Curb 'payday lending' [opinion]
Chanute Tribune, 12/12/2006

The Capital-Journal
A.G.'s office sends out scam warning
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/16/2006

Brent D. Wistrom
Attorney general warns of 'secret shopper' scam
Wichita Eagle, 12/17/2006

Editorial by the Wichita Eagle
Payday loans [editorial]
Hays Daily News, 12/18/2006

Wichita Eagle
Other editors on payday loans
Iola Register, 12/21/2006

Editorial Board
Regulating payday loans
Hutchinson News, 12/27/2006

Katie Stockstill
Kansans duped by secret shopping scam
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 12/29/2006