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Kansas Newspaper Clippings - General Topics


Letters to the editor on Brownback and courts, State of State speech, ATF thugs, gun panic, Laffer magic formula
Wichita Eagle, 01/18/2013

Associated Press
Kansas sites added to National Register
Hutchinson News, 01/26/2013

Carolyn Kaberline
Kansan discovers asteroid that may come near Earth
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/27/2013

Letters to the editor on Kansas vs. Texas, abortion, tax deductions
Wichita Eagle, 01/29/2013

Megan Hart
Decision created strife
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/30/2013

Tim Hrenchir
Input sought on preservation plan
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/30/2013

Beccy Tanner
Brookville Hotel removed from Historic Register
Wichita Eagle, 01/30/2013

Martin Hawver
HAWVER: Dreamin' of Kansas cannabis?
Ottawa Herald, 02/04/2013

Letters to the editor on judicial selection, packing court, abortion clinic, Maize school assignments, Bigfoot
Wichita Eagle, 02/05/2013

Andy Marso
Two bids on historic house
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/06/2013

Scott E. Blades
Letters to the editor on public employees, gun violence, Gaza play, loud commercials
Wichita Eagle, 02/06/2013

Steve Fry
Two WBC members leave the church
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/06/2013

Dillon House sale pending
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/09/2013

The Capital-Journal
Ethics series earns honors
Lawrence Journal World, 02/09/2013

Kansas views on suitability amendment, turnpike, union fight, campaign funds, rural growth
Wichita Eagle, 02/11/2013

Scott Rothschild
Capitol Report: Medicaid expansion, switchblades and no public funds for lobbying
Lawrence Journal World, 02/11/2013

Letters to the editor on school funding, abortion clinic, GOP moochers, KU/WSU game
Wichita Eagle, 02/12/2013

Tim Hrenchir
Church eludes razing by city
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/13/2013

Letters to the editor on renewable energy, teachers as bullies, paroling killers
Wichita Eagle, 02/13/2013

Andy Marso
State rejects Dillon House bids
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/13/2013

Associated Press
Call to pray for Kansas' 'dark' areas creates stir
Hutchinson News, 02/14/2013

John Green
Dodge's Boot Hill is nominee for listing on historic register
Hutchinson News, 02/14/2013

Letters to the editor on Medicaid, legislating basketball, downtown library, gun control
Wichita Eagle, 02/14/2013

Daniel A. Katz
Letter: Think it through
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/14/2013

Lisa Gutierrez
Missouri parents receive apology from former Westboro church member
Kansas City Star, 02/14/2013

Ann Marie Bush
Business women honor June Windscheffel
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/15/2013

Brownback clone, repair blight in KC, pope's exit
Kansas City Star, 02/15/2013

Stu Butcher
Stop signs, Senate bills and more
Chanute Tribune, 02/16/2013

Kansas views on turnpike, unions, lobbying, immigrants
Wichita Eagle, 02/18/2013

Associated Press
Civil War part of Kan. town
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/19/2013

Ann Marie Bush
Woman banished from Westboro Baptist Church to publish memoir
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/24/2013

Kansas views on GOP meddling, climate bill, budget mistakes, lobbying ban, basketball bill, dark spiritual areas
Wichita Eagle, 02/25/2013

Brownback's tax plan, snow coverage, baseball's greatest
Kansas City Star, 02/26/2013

Bob Wollin
Flawed tax policy
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/03/2013

Peggy Dawson
Enjoy freedoms
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/03/2013

Cheryl Richt
Bill languishes
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/04/2013

Jim Rosander
Christian leaders
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/04/2013

John E. Peterson
Learning to love Kansas
Emporia Gazette, 03/07/2013

Lisa Gutierrez
Yeah, I'm from Kansas
Kansas City Star, 03/08/2013

The Capital-Journal
Washburn to confer honorary doctorate on Feaker
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/09/2013

Postal Service, fighting City Hall, Gov. Sam Brownback
Kansas City Star, 03/10/2013

Letters to the editor on public education, gun control, compassion
Wichita Eagle, 03/12/2013

Megan Hart
Plumber, variety store honored as region's top small businesses
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/12/2013

Ann Marie Bush
Topeka woman honored during ABWA scholarship luncheon
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/12/2013

Letters to the editor on dental practitioners, Medicare for all, abortion doctor, liberals, White House tours, Lady Shockers
Wichita Eagle, 03/13/2013

Kansas City Star
New bill would block Eisenhower Memorial funding
Kansas City Star, 03/13/2013

Megan Hart
State hall of fame inductees include Superman, Naismith
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/14/2013

Letters to the editor on chained CPI, voter fraud, following the money, MacDonald, blessed event
Wichita Eagle, 03/15/2013

Jan Biles
Nonprofit raising funds to restore Jayhawk Theatre
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/16/2013

Brent Wistrom
Capitol Beats: 'We're respectfully requesting you absence..."
Wichita Eagle, 03/16/2013

Tim Hrenchir
Q & A with outgoing Shawnee County Register of Deeds Marily Nichols
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/17/2013

Kansas views on gun bill, drug tests, Medicaid expansion, federal judges, liquor sales, Common Core
Wichita Eagle, 03/18/2013

Letters to the editor on anti-worker agenda, preschool, abortion, KU-KSU headline
Wichita Eagle, 03/19/2013

Samantha Foster
Nonprofit painting gay pride flag on house across from Westboro Baptist Church
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/19/2013

Brett Zongker
U.S. House panel considers Eisenhower Memorial's future
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/19/2013

Samantha Foster
Eagle Scout project for Statehouse's 'Miss Liberty' finally complete
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/20/2013

Carrie Rengers
CEO who forwarded racy e-mail is placed on leave
Wichita Eagle, 03/21/2013

Associated Press
Delaware tribe might move headquarters to Kansas
Salina Journal, 03/25/2013

Catholic Church, managed care in Kansas, renewable energy
Kansas City Star, 03/25/2013

Glenn E. Rice
Authorities seize computers from parish office in Independence
Kansas City Star, 03/26/2013

Letters to the Editor on KanCare, boys ranch, abortion, Leonard Pitts, prayer for pope
Wichita Eagle, 03/27/2013

Jason Probst
Kansas 1861-2013
Hutchinson News, 03/30/2013

Scott Rothschild
Capitol Report: Brownback on higher ed, taxes; and KU's well-connected lobbyist
Lawrence Journal World, 03/31/2013

Rose Mary Medrano
Letter: Capitol workers truly 'servants' of districts
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/01/2013

Samantha Foster
Ruth Stauffer leave legacy as philanthropist, volunteer
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/01/2013

Kansas views on buying access, risky tax bet, pickpockets, education meddling, KU mandate
Wichita Eagle, 04/01/2013

Jason Johnston
Investigating UFOs in Kansas
Emporia Gazette, 04/01/2013

Letters to the editor on case workers, gay marriage, Gregg Marshall, Eagle writers
Wichita Eagle, 04/03/2013

The Capital-Journal
Territorial capital site at Fort Riley to open Friday
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/03/2013

Regina Stephenson
Local crafters personalize pillows for Sandy Hook families
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/03/2013

Megan Hart
Wild Willie's employees recall store's 'good old days'
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/03/2013

Letters to the editor on slots, AT&T bill, traditional marriage, Shockers
Wichita Eagle, 04/04/2013

YMCA plan, Gov. Sam Brownback, President Barack Obama
Kansas City Star, 04/04/2013

Roy Wenzl
Kansas Food Bank receives enough votes for $45,000 Wal-Mart grant
Wichita Eagle, 05/01/2013

Brent D. Wistrom
Report: Kansans claimed home mortgage tax deduction at lower rate than national average
Wichita Eagle, 05/01/2013

Beccy Tanner
Friend of Abraham Lincoln's carried GOP zeal to the grave in Kansas
Wichita Eagle, 05/05/2013

Kansas views on higher ed, legal fees, gun permits, tax revenue
Wichita Eagle, 05/06/2013

Bill Blankenship
Walt Menninger credited in 'The Great Gatsby'
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/10/2013

News Staff
Legislature honors Kan. priest who died in Korea- People and Places
Hutchinson News, 05/11/2013

Beccy Tanner
Major Civil War battles took place in Kansas, many courtesy of William Quantrill
Wichita Eagle, 05/12/2013

Kansas view on sales tax, legal fees, redistricting, school drug test
Wichita Eagle, 05/13/2013

Amy Bickel
Governor names eco-devo official to state fair board
Hutchinson News, 05/14/2013

Jeff Longbine
Legislature back to work
Emporia Gazette, 05/15/2013

The Capital-Journal
Washington home added to national historic register
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/15/2013

Deborah Dandridge
Letter: Celebrate the Brown anniversary
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/15/2013

Beccy Tanner
Quirky Kansas and its eccentric attractions are at your fingertips
Wichita Eagle, 05/18/2013

Mike Hall
Mike Hall: Who's most trusted in Topeka?
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/21/2013

Fred Mann
Koch Industries donate $1 million to Oklahoma tornado relief
Wichita Eagle, 05/22/2013

Senator Jerry Moran
Kansas-born priest personified courage
Hays Daily News, 05/23/2013

Gas prices, Kansas politics, KMBC-TV weather
Kansas City Star, 05/24/2013

Kansas views on gun lobbying, Common Core, alcohol level
Wichita Eagle, 05/27/2013

Tim Carpenter
Mourners at mock funeral want to raise political spirits
Topeka Capital Journal, 06/08/2013

Andy Marso
Moderates call for gun group leader's resignation
Topeka Capital Journal, 06/11/2013

Mary Clarkin
O'Neal's wife in for Treaster
Hutchinson News, 06/26/2013

Roy Wenzl
Charles Koch launching Wichita campaign about economic freedom, government overreach
Wichita Eagle, 07/09/2013

Andy Marso
Left-wing groups protest 'austerity' agenda
Topeka Capital Journal, 07/10/2013

Associated Press
Koch plans $200,000 political ad campaign in Wichita
Topeka Capital Journal, 07/10/2013

Matt Riedl
Bender movie to film at Old Cowtown next week
Wichita Eagle, 07/10/2013

Aly Van Dyke
Ex-WBC member creates fundraiser for other defectors
Topeka Capital Journal, 07/11/2013

Roy Wenzl
KU geoarchaeologist finds possible clues to earlier human existence in Kansas than previously believed
Wichita Eagle, 07/26/2013

Roxana Hegeman
Suspect says he'll change plea in Koch cyberattack
Wichita Eagle, 07/29/2013

Karen Dillon
Bag ban gets its first test Friday night at Arrowhead Stadium
Kansas City Star, 08/15/2013

Lisa Gutierrez
Kansas ugly? Business Insider poll says yes
Kansas City Star, 08/21/2013

Roy Wenzl
Koch Industries isn't interested in buying Tribune Co., says report
Wichita Eagle, 08/22/2013

Nico Roesler
102 become citizens in Dole Institute ceremony
Lawrence Journal World, 09/17/2013

Andy Marso
CSG rejects federal gun law nullification bill
Topeka Capital Journal, 09/19/2013

Andy Marso
Local spots affected as government shuts down
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/01/2013

The Capital-Journal
Former Kansas governors join campaign to fix debt
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/10/2013

Associated Press
Ancient insect-eating mammal named after KU professor
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/04/2013

Associated Press
Kansas group initializing billboard campaign to legalize marijuana
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/06/2013

Beccy Tanner
Martin and Osa Johnson's global adventures inspired many explorers
Wichita Eagle, 11/10/2013

Scott Rothschild
Reports released by progressive groups are critical of Kansas Policy Institute
Lawrence Journal World, 11/13/2013

Peter Hancock
After 50 years, Lawrence resident vividly recalls serving at President Kennedy's funeral
Lawrence Journal World, 11/19/2013

Associated Press
Kansas native receiving Horatio Alger award
Hutchinson News, 11/20/2013

Andy Marso
Hospitals report late payments as KanCare expansion approaches
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/06/2013

Dion Lefler
Sebelius a finalist for Time's Person of the Year
Wichita Eagle, 12/09/2013

Associated Press
USGS revises window-rattling earthquake to 3.8 magnitude
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/16/2013

Associated Press
Report: Kansas ranks 4th in U. S. for volunteerism
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/17/2013

Andy Marso
Focus is on billing as KanCare expansion date approaches
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/18/2013