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Kansas Newspaper Clippings - Social Services


Aly Van Dyke

Activists: Sperm donor case opportunity for change
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/02/2013

Scott Rothschild
Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans
Lawrence Journal World, 01/07/2013

Tim Carpenter
Kansas changing look of food stamp debit card
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/11/2013

Tim Carpenter
Kansas social worker uneasy with KanCare's handling of brain cases
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/02/2013

Deb Gruver
Shelters seeing more elderly homeless
Wichita Eagle, 02/09/2013

Andy Marso
Committee keen on continued KNI consolidation
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/21/2013

Andy Marso
Senate committee concurs on KNI consolidation
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/25/2013

Andy Marso
Senate to vote on welfare drug tests
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/28/2013

Aly Van Dyke
Appraiser kisses hog
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/01/2013

Aly Van Dyke
Fundraising United Way looks ahead
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/06/2013

John Swansen
God's welfare mandate
Hutchinson News, 03/06/2013

The Capital-Journal
U.S. Housing and Urban Development pledges $7 million to Kansas orgs
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/13/2013

Caitlin Doornbos
Mental health advocates tell their story at Capitol
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/14/2013

Scott Rothschild
Advocates for people with developmental disabilities say they want to stay out of KanCare
Lawrence Journal World, 03/20/2013

Angie Haflich
Adoption agencies work to find Kansas kids good homes, families
Garden City Telegram, 03/21/2013

Dion Lefler
Bill sets up potentially disruptive split in client care for hundreds of the developmentally disabled in Sedgwich County
Wichita Eagle, 03/23/2013

Aly Van Dyke
Breakthrough House launches campaign for property replacement
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/25/2013

Kaley Conner
Bill has disability advocates worried
Hays Daily News, 03/27/2013

David P. Rundle
David P. Rundle: Don't break promise to disabled Kansans
Wichita Eagle, 03/31/2013

Scott Rothschild
Senate leader says no plans to consider bill opposed by disability community
Lawrence Journal World, 04/01/2013

Kaley Conner
Piecing together the poverty puzzle
Hays Daily News, 04/03/2013

John Milburn
Drug testing bill goes to governor
Lawrence Journal World, 04/03/2013

Megan Hart
Topekans with disabilities seek equal employment
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/20/2013

Megan Hart
Kansans receiving Social Security disability increased 10 percent in two years
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/20/2013

John Hanna
Analysis: New Kansas gun law is mostly political statement
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/21/2013

Andy Marso
Mental health experts wary of Gov's proposed task force
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/24/2013

Phillip Brownlee
Eagle editorial: Heed pleas of parents on I/DD care
Wichita Eagle, 05/01/2013

Letters to the Editor
Manhattan Mercury, 05/05/2013

Andy Marso
Disability advocates talk about divvying new funds
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/06/2013

Tim Carpenter
Disability community lobbies for Medicaid exemption
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/08/2013

Andy Marso
National advocate: Managed care can work for disabled
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/09/2013

Brad Cooper
Lawmakers: KanCare for developmentally disabled or $4 million cut
Kansas City Star, 05/09/2013

Kaley Conner
Photo project helps show need for adoptions in Kansas
Hays Daily News, 05/10/2013

Brent D. Wistrom
Brownback: Foster care plays key role
Wichita Eagle, 05/13/2013

Andy Marso
Governor pushes for more foster families
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/13/2013

Special to The Hays Daily News
New tool for child care providers
Hays Daily News, 05/14/2013

Dorothy Deardoff
KanCare cruelty
Hutchinson News, 05/14/2013

Phillip Brownlee
Eagle editorial: Mental-health reform needs funding
Wichita Eagle, 05/28/2013

Tim Carpenter
Foundation: Kansas kids living in high-poverty zones grows
Topeka Capital Journal, 06/24/2013

Kansas Health Institute
DCF asks task force to endorse plan for promoting work over public assistance
Kansas Health Institute, 06/25/2013

Scott Rothschild
Advocates for those with developmental disabilities urge attendance at upcoming hearings
Lawrence Journal World, 07/10/2013

Aly Van Dyke
Records show 17 nonprofit executives receive six-figure salaries
Topeka Capital Journal, 07/14/2013

Scott Rothschild
Advocates for those with developmental disabilities urge state to abandon proposal
Lawrence Journal World, 07/16/2013

Tim Carpenter
Kansas to audit potential conflict among disability service providers
Topeka Capital Journal, 07/23/2013

Associated Press
Audit to examine Kansas services for disabled
Hutchinson News, 07/24/2013

Dave Ranney
Kansas doubles down on welfare fraud
Kansas Health Institute, 07/29/2013

KHI News Service
KanCare beneficiaries asked to submit new information by Sept. 15
Kansas Health Institute, 07/29/2013

Mike Sherry
Mental health initiative underfunded, say officials
Kansas Health Institute, 07/29/2013

Dave Ranney
Number of Kansas children in foster care continues to grow
Kansas Health Institute, 08/12/2013

Andy Marso
Connected contractors prep t take over child support
Topeka Capital Journal, 08/17/2013

Andy Marso
Administration defends child support privatization
Topeka Capital Journal, 08/20/2013

Tim Hrenchir
Agencies: Less funding means less services
Topeka Capital Journal, 08/25/2013

Suzanne Perez Tobias
For some Kansans, food stamps can be a lifeline
Wichita Eagle, 08/31/2013

Tim Carpenter
Brownback follows spiking poverty with new Road Map
Topeka Capital Journal, 08/31/2013

More Kansans Receiving SNAP
Kansas City Star, 08/31/2013

Mike McGraw and Robert A. Cronkleton
Kansas has a front row seat in the food stamp fight
Kansas City Star, 08/31/2013

Mike Shields
Food stamp rules to change for about 20,000 Kansans
Kansas Health Institute, 09/04/2013

Dave Ranney
Consultant's report calls for overhaul of state hospital's approach to caring for mentally ill patients
Kansas Health Institute, 09/04/2013

Associated Press
Poverty reduction panel pushes education, stronger marriages, welfare reform
Topeka Capital Journal, 09/06/2013

Megan Hart
Kansas food stamp recipients without children have three months to find work
Topeka Capital Journal, 09/08/2013

Andy Marso
Brownback: KanCare savings will get some off waiting list
Topeka Capital Journal, 09/11/2013

Dion Lefler
Officials reaffirm clients can keep case managers under KanCare
Wichita Eagle, 09/24/2013

Roy Wenzl
Catholic Charities to cover federal funds for programs itself, for now
Wichita Eagle, 10/01/2013

Associated Press
KSDE says summer program exceeded 1M meals for kids
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/01/2013

Dave Ranney
Kansas officials investigate complaints about Wichita child welfare group
Kansas Health Institute, 10/03/2013

Beccy Tanner
Wichitans face 44 square miles of 'food deserts' in low-income areas
Wichita Eagle, 10/07/2013

Scott Rothschild
Brownback administration drops federal grant program to help people apply for food stamps
Lawrence Journal World, 10/08/2013

Scott Rothschild
Battle over food stamps going on in Statehouses, and D. C.
Lawrence Journal World, 10/10/2013

Darcy Gray
Shutdown could affect school meals, Head Start
Hutchinson News, 10/10/2013

Bryan Thompson
Federal shutdown puts assistance for new mothers and infants in jeopardy
Kansas Health Institute, 10/10/2013

KHI News Service
Kansas suicide rate rises dramatically
Kansas Health Institute, 10/14/2013

Associated Press
Increase in Kansas suicide rate from 2011 to 2012 has officials asking questions
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/20/2013

Tim Carpenter
Block: Direct obese children to salad bars
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/22/2013

Rick Plumlee
Kansas DCF halts placements with foster-home operator Faith Builders pending review
Wichita Eagle, 10/24/2013

Roy Wenzl
Poverty and politics: Who should feed the hungry-churches or government?
Wichita Eagle, 10/27/2013

Mike Shields
New Labor Department rule rattles disabled community
Kansas Health Institute, 10/28/2013

Andy Marso
Christian child welfare org welcomes legislator scrutiny
Topeka Capital Journal, 10/29/2013

Dave Ranney
Senator favor creating "new tier" of foster parents
Kansas Health Institute, 10/29/2013

Andy Marso
Brownback: Shift needy family funds to reading program
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/14/2013

Amy Renee Leiker
More than $1 million in grants awarded to programs offering services to domestic violence victims
Wichita Eagle, 11/16/2013

Dave Ranney
Suicide rate climbing in Kansas and U.S.
Kansas Health Institute, 11/18/2013

Mary Clarkin
Percentage of state's kids in poverty jumps
Hutchinson News, 11/18/2013

Associated Press
Groups question Kansas DCF's $48M in reserve
Hutchinson News, 11/18/2013

Associated Press
Report: Nearly 1 in 4 Kansas kids live in poverty
Kansas City Star, 11/19/2013

Jenni Bergal
Kansas shift in oversight for developmentally disabled worries advocates
Topeka Capital Journal, 11/28/2013

Tim Carpenter
Report: Kansas' use of TANF for poor families falls short
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/17/2013

Aly Van Dyke
Funding cuts threaten to hinder those who help others
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/17/2013

Brad Cooper
Report challenges welfare policies in Kansas
Kansas City Star, 12/28/2013

Brad Cooper
Kansas to add voters to rolls by comparing birth certificates
Kansas City Star, 12/31/2013

Andy Marso
Gay couples sue Kansas over tax forms
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/31/2013

Celia Llopis-Jepsen
Kansas Regents backpedal on new social media policy
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/31/2013

John Hanna
Kansas to check for voter birth records
Topeka Capital Journal, 12/31/2013