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Kansas Newspaper Clippings - Wildlife & Parks


Chansi Long

Lawrence native helps discover new frog species
Lawrence Journal World, 01/12/2008

J-W Editorials
Guns in parks [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 01/18/2008
Michael Pearce
Chronic wasting disease found in 3 Decatur Co. deer
Wichita Eagle, 01/19/2008

Michael Pearce
Quail numbers continue to decline in southeast Kansas
Wichita Eagle, 01/20/2008

Mike Corn
Deer positive for CWD
Hays Daily News, 01/20/2008

Mike Corn
Poison talk not kaput
Hays Daily News, 01/21/2008

Mike Corn
More complaints filed over poison
Hays Daily News, 01/21/2008

Beccy Tanner
E-mail tries to attract human visitors this spring
Wichita Eagle, 01/22/2008

Elvyn J. Jones
Deer hunters help feed the hungry across Kansas
Lawrence Journal World, 01/22/2008

Mike Corn
Public meeting planned to address CWD concerns
Hays Daily News, 01/25/2008

Dave Stephens
Still landing
Hutchinson News, 01/27/2008

Jan Biles
Eyeing eagles
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/03/2008

Marc Murrell
CRP equals pheasants in Great Plains
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/03/2008

Jeannine Koranda
Vets: Pets' drugs don't need to be monitored
Wichita Eagle, 02/05/2008

Clara Kilbourn
For retiring manager, Quivira was much more than a refuge
Hutchinson News, 02/05/2008

Amy Bickel
A boon for hunting, but at what cost?
Hutchinson News, 02/07/2008

Michael Pearce
Right to hunt and fish could become the law
Wichita Eagle, 02/10/2008

Mike Corn
Officials begin process
Hays Daily News, 02/13/2008

Associated Press
GOP legislators split over park fee elimination
Winfield Daily Courier, 02/14/2008

Michael Pearce
Free parks not an easy sell
Wichita Eagle, 02/14/2008

Jeannine Koranda
Panel to study 'vet hopping'
Wichita Eagle, 02/14/2008

Edie Hall
City dogged by rumors on new licensing rules
Hutchinson News, 02/15/2008

Mike Corn
Officials begin process of testing deer for disease
Chanute Tribune, 02/15/2008

Randy Scholfield
Kansas outdoors: as small we think
Wichita Eagle, 02/15/2008

Associated Press
Free-parks plan fails in Senate committee
Wichita Eagle, 02/16/2008

Mike Corn
Hunting for a deer killer
Hutchinson News, 02/17/2008

Michael Pearce
Chorus frog is Kansan's big find
Wichita Eagle, 02/20/2008

Annexation proposal could foster sprawl
Kansas City Star, 02/20/2008

Associated Press
Parks budget reeling from lack of interest
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/21/2008

Kansas set to receive $11 million from feds
Hays Daily News, 02/25/2008

Amy Bickel
Eagles have landed at reservoir
Hutchinson News, 02/26/2008

Mike Corn
Test results for CWD are negative
Hays Daily News, 02/26/2008

Mary Sudekum Fisher
Wind farms could interfere with rare whooping cranes' migration path, habitat
Hutchinson News, 02/28/2008

Michael Pearce
Wichita continue attack on feral hogs
Wichita Eagle, 03/02/2008

Cory Smith
Otter spotted in wetlands waters
Lawrence Journal World, 03/05/2008

Mary Clarkin
KDOT policy turns roadside into deer gravesite
Hutchinson News, 03/07/2008

Michael Pearce
Commission to vote on deer changes Thursday
Wichita Eagle, 03/09/2008

Edie Hall
A verdict most fowl
Hutchinson News, 03/10/2008

Special to The Daily Union
Access site donated
Junction City Daily Union, 03/11/2008

Edie Hall
Hutchinson battles growing pigeon problem
Lawrence Journal World, 03/15/2008

Michael Pearce
Soldiers take Kansas hunters education program overseas
Wichita Eagle, 03/16/2008

KDWP Reports
Commission OKs changes
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/16/2008

Amy Bickel
Eagles cluster at Marion Reservoir
Lawrence Journal World, 03/16/2008

Amy Bickel
Kansas officials move to eradicate wild hogs
Hutchinson News, 03/16/2008

Michael Hooper
Arch traffic eliminated in plans to expand zoo
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/21/2008

Jason Probst
Bring on the RVs
Hutchinson News, 03/23/2008

Pam Martin
First large-scale Kansas deer study takes place at Quivira Refuge
Lawrence Journal World, 03/24/2008

Associated Press
Deer study taking place at Quivira
Hutchinson News, 03/24/2008

Amy Bickel
Pelt renews mountain lion debate
Hutchinson News, 03/26/2008

Michael Pearce
Mountain lion killed in Kansas
Wichita Eagle, 03/26/2008

Associated Press
Kansas mountain lion puzzling
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/27/2008

Associated Press
Mountain lion killed in Kansas
Lawrence Journal World, 03/27/2008

Special to The Daily Union
Birding festival organizers meet with house group
Junction City Daily Union, 03/27/2008

Michael Pearce
Mountain lions are everywhere! (Except in Kansas)
Wichita Eagle, 03/30/2008

Marc Murrell
Lion killed in Kansas
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/30/2008

Associated Press
Bison park may get new fence, pair of calves
Hutchinson News, 03/31/2008

Kevin Flaherty
New fence, bison calves could be headed to wildlife area
Lawrence Journal World, 03/31/2008

Matt Campbell
Answers sought in dog's decapitation
Kansas City Star, 03/31/2008

Edie Hall
Delays in park project frustrating officials
Hutchinson News, 03/31/2008

Ann Marie Bush
'This bear will be missed'
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/01/2008

The News Staff
Web talk: The great mountain lion debate rages on
Hutchinson News, 04/03/2008

Scott Rothschild
Kansas constitution plan would add hunting, fishing to Bill of Rights
Lawrence Journal World, 04/04/2008

Jim Sullinger
Hunting rights bill snags a win
Kansas City Star, 04/04/2008

Dion Lefler
House approves two constitutional amendments
Wichita Eagle, 04/04/2008

J-W Editorials
Right to hunt [editorial]
Lawrence Journal World, 04/06/2008

Michael Pearce
Governor will miss annual turkey hunt
Wichita Eagle, 04/06/2008

Hurst Laviana
Pit bull case to test new ordinance
Wichita Eagle, 04/07/2008

Connie Chapman
Spread the word on a misguided proposal in Johnson County
Kansas City Star, 04/10/2008

Animal control [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 04/10/2008

Michael Pearce
Commission to vote on changes in deer seasons
Wichita Eagle, 04/13/2008

Amy Bickel
Calls stream in on cougar sightings
Hutchinson News, 04/17/2008

Michael Pearce
Change in bird dates receives backing
Wichita Eagle, 04/20/2008

Michael Pearce and Beccy Tanner
Booming birds face bust times
Wichita Eagle, 04/20/2008

Beccy Tanner
Students crusaded for state reptile
Wichita Eagle, 04/28/2008

Diane McCartney
Foster care program helps pets of abused
Wichita Eagle, 05/02/2008

Bob Johnson
Animals seized in LaHarpe
Iola Register, 05/02/2008

Ron Trewyn
Proposed animal diseases research is safe and secure
Kansas City Star, 05/06/2008

Steve Fry and Bill Hummell
Officer fatally shoots pit bulls
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/10/2008

Mike Hall
Officials offer tips to deal with critters
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/10/2008

Jason Probst
'Geocaching' at state parks
Hutchinson News, 05/11/2008

Jason Probst
KDWP announces Kansas State Trails plan
Hutchinson News, 05/11/2008

Tim Hrenchir
JEDO to mull money for Heartland Park
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/13/2008

Kevin Flaherty
Bison Wildlife area welcomes baby heifer
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 05/16/2008

Michael Pearce
Turkey going cold
Wichita Eagle, 05/18/2008

Michael Pearce
Cheyenne starts long recovery
Wichita Eagle, 05/18/2008

Diane Carroll
Trapping of coyotes gets Leawood OK
Kansas City Star, 05/21/2008

Bill Graham
Fishy delivery raises brows
Kansas City Star, 06/01/2008

James Carlson
Kansas chapter leaving group
Topeka Capital Journal, 06/02/2008

Michael Pearce
CRP faces uncertainty
Wichita Eagle, 06/08/2008

Michael Pearce
Buffalo roundup is some fish tale
Wichita Eagle, 06/09/2008

Mary Clarkin
Official wants mush thistle eradicated
Hutchinson News, 06/12/2008

Mike Corn
Wildlife commission ready to return pheasant, quail season back to second weekend in November
Hays Daily News, 06/20/2008

Keeping the critters [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 06/24/2008

Andrew Nash
Cleanup project
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 06/27/2008

Michael Pearce
Kansas is eagle country
Wichita Eagle, 06/29/2008

Erin Castaneda
State parks cache in on trend
Lawrence Journal World, 06/30/2008

KDWP Reports
KDWP unveils new Web site
Topeka Capital Journal, 07/13/2008

Mike Corn
Legislature working to destroy wildlife protection
Hays Daily News, 07/25/2008

Michael Hooper
Project's cost in view
Topeka Capital Journal, 08/12/2008

Associated Press
Wakarusa Festival may leave Lawrence
Wichita Eagle, 08/12/2008

Laura Bauer
Fill your water glasses and toast a prairie dog
Kansas City Star, 08/22/2008

Iola Register
Iola to Welda rail trail open
Chanute Tribune, 08/26/2008

Emily Behimann
Virtual ventures to include Sandsage
Garden City Telegram, 08/28/2008

Mike Corn
KDWP imposes permit system at Webster, Cedar Bluff
Hays Daily News, 08/29/2008

Canoe the Kansas river
Manhattan Mercury, 09/02/2008

James Carlson
Officials approve $780,000 in dam repairs
Topeka Capital Journal, 09/10/2008

Associated Press
Kansas wildlife changes with environment
Garden City Telegram, 10/11/2008

Shajia Ahmad
Car-deer collisions costly for motorists
Garden City Telegram, 10/16/2008

Shandi Dix
Mating season threatens safety
Junction City Daily Union, 10/24/2008

KHP urges motorists to be on lookout for deer
Chanute Tribune, 11/07/2008

Associated Press
Sandhill season can endanger whooping cranes
Hutchinson News, 11/09/2008

Brandy Nance
Zebra mussels threaten lakes
Emporia Gazette, 11/18/2008

Brandy Nance
'Jumping fish' moving in
Emporia Gazette, 11/19/2008

Associated Press
Kansas wildlife officials use new tool to test Kaw River
Dodge City Daily Globe, 11/27/2008

Fish consumption advisories issued
Chanute Tribune, 12/06/2008

The News Staff
Bald eagle found dead, talons gone, in Lane Co.
Hutchinson News, 12/16/2008

Beccy Tanner
Poisoning of prairie dogs is delayed in Kansas
Chanute Tribune, 12/22/2008