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Kansas Newspaper Clippings - Wildlife & Parks


Associated Press
Seniors may lose free pass outdoors
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/11/2012

The Capital-Journal

Zoo seeks extension to respond to complaint
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/11/2012

State income tax return Chickadee Checkoff box helps conserve all wildlife
Salina Journal, 01/12/2012

Michael Pearce
Officials investigating deaths of bald eagles in Kansas
Kansas City Star, 01/12/2012

Tim Hrenchir
FOTZ learns of inspection
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/13/2012

Aly Van Dyke
Parks and rec to fill eight positions
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/13/2012

Darcy Gray
Bald eagles' deaths under investigation - Officials ask public for details about birds found shot in two Kan. counties
Hutchinson News, 01/13/2012

KDWPT eyes seniors [editorial]
Hutchinson News, 01/13/2012

The Capital-Journal
List focuses on zoo's elephants
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/18/2012

Andy Marso
Kobach hunting proposal misfires
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/21/2012

Tim Hrenchir
Quarantine building sought for apes, carnivores
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/22/2012

Associated Press
Kobach struggles to find support for hunting bill
Hays Daily News, 01/23/2012

Tim Hrenchir
Bonaparte to give deposition in lawsuit
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/25/2012

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board Advisory
Editorial: Zoo expense the cost of doing business
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/26/2012

Michael Pearce
Two outdoor-related bills set for legislative attention
Wichita Eagle, 01/28/2012

Marc Murrell
Outdoors: Older outdoorsmen may face fee
Topeka Capital Journal, 01/28/2012

Tim Hrenchir
Poll: Emails advocate move of zoo elephants
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/01/2012

Cassandra Smyers
Letter: Elephants in agony
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/04/2012

Kansas City Star
The Star's editorial- Johnson County's lackluster parks expansion
Kansas City Star, 02/04/2012

Tim Hrenchir
Zoo faces decisions on elephant species
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/09/2012

The Capital-Journal Editorial Advisory Board
Editorial: AZA pushing decision on elephants
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/11/2012

Huge whitetail proves to be illegal
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/11/2012

Michael Pearce
Hunting enthusiasts think it's time for heavier poaching fines
Wichita Eagle, 02/12/2012

Associated Press
Kan. man charged with poaching 14-point buck
Hutchinson News, 02/13/2012

Tim Hrenchir
City approves scrap metal, hunting measures
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/14/2012

Andy Marso
Governor obtains NBAF assurances
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/16/2012

The Capital-Journal
Topeka Zoo's eldest orangutan dies
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/21/2012

Ken Stephens
Big-cat ideas live in prints
Hutchinson News, 02/21/2012

The Capital-Journal Editorial Advisory Board
Editorial: Merging could become a habit
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/22/2012

Andy Marso
Hunting vote changes after truck collides with deer
Topeka Capital Journal, 02/22/2012

Former park ranger looks -to promote Kansas tourism
Manhattan Mercury, 02/24/2012

Amy Bickel
New rules in effect -Zoo to limit animals for rehab clinic
Hutchinson News, 02/24/2012

Elvyn Jones
Wetlands manager honored by Kansas Wildlife Federation
Lawrence Journal World, 02/26/2012

Jim Hightower
Hightower: Top politicos 'stealing' state parks
Ottawa Herald, 03/01/2012

John Milburn
Report: Changes make NBAF safer
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/02/2012

Gene Policinski
Government must be careful with tactics against Occupy camps
Pittsburg Morning Sun, 03/03/2012

Andy Marso
Hunters fired up over crossbow bill!
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/03/2012

Andy Marso
Tensions rise in crossbow debate
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/08/2012

The News Staff
Hunting, fishing license bill could change -Compromise may pave way for cheaper permits for those 65 and older
Hutchinson News, 03/11/2012

Ron Ringer
Letter: Caring for elephants
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/15/2012

Charles D. Peterman
Letter: Crossbows no danger
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/15/2012

Angie Haflich
Bison will have to move- Herd to leave SW Kan. range for McPherson Co. site thanks to drought
Hutchinson News, 03/15/2012

Tim Hrenchir
City OKs education park project
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/21/2012

Associated Press
Crossbow rules changing
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/26/2012

Chad Lawhorn
Public asked to report 'docile' raccoons to city
Lawrence Journal World, 03/27/2012

Karrey Britt
Health officials warn about spike in rabies
Lawrence Journal World, 03/30/2012

Kansas City Star
Kansas sees more rabid animals
Kansas City Star, 03/30/2012

The Capital-Journal Editorial Advisory Board
Editorial: No reason for new park police
Topeka Capital Journal, 03/31/2012

The Capital-Journal
Meeting to focus on potential elephant move
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/01/2012

Tim Hrenchir
County establishes park police department
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/02/2012

John Hanna
Kansas parks chief not worried over budget impasse
Kansas City Star, 04/02/2012

Tim Hrenchir
Possible move of elephants weighed
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/05/2012

Aly Van Dyke
County to consider mower purchase
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/10/2012

The Capital-Journal Editorial Board
Editorial: Let's make chocolate
Topeka Capital Journal, 04/16/2012

Tim Hrenchir
Zoo vet suit: 913 pages of documents filed
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/04/2012

Deb Gruver
Bill to offer discounted park permits passes Kansas Senate
Wichita Eagle, 05/04/2012

Samantha Foster
Two Westar falcon chicks hatch
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/07/2012

Aly Van Dyke
Group aims to restore Dornwood Park
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/07/2012

Bill Blankenship
Zoo to launch Penguin Plunge on Thursday
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/08/2012

The Capital-Journal Editorial Advisory Board
Editorial: Penguins nice addition to Topeka Zoo
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/10/2012

Andy Marso
House OKs senior hunting, fishing changes
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/17/2012

Phil Anderson
Zoo project gets jump start from bank
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/17/2012

Andy Marso
Senate sends senior sportsmen licenses to governor
Topeka Capital Journal, 05/18/2012

Michael Pearce
3 more out-of-state men sentenced in deer-poaching case
Wichita Eagle, 07/31/2012

Scott Rothschild
Kansas opts out of federal Recreational Trails Program
Lawrence Journal World, 09/11/2012

Scott Rothschild
State announces funds for recreational trails
Lawrence Journal World, 09/14/2012

Associated Press
Public comment sought on lesser prairie chicken
Hutchinson News, 10/25/2012