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Aug 19

Kansas Laws on Child Vaccinations

Posted to From the Reference Desk... by Brian Herder


In the last several years, the subject of child vaccinations has become a contentious topic. The issue typically boils down to balancing parents' rights to raise their own children as they see fit, and society's desire to keep individual children and the public as a whole as safe as possible from preventable illness.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has a web page addressing immunizations under the Kansas Immunization Program. An additional KDHE web page hosts school-related immunization brochures.

If you'd like to check out the nuts-and-bolts legal stuff, the Kansas Legislature has passed numerous laws addressing childhood vaccinations:

KSA 65-508. Equipment, supplies, accommodations; competent supervision and care of children; rules and regulations; immunizations.

KSA 72-5208.   Health tests and inoculations; definitions

KSA 72-5209.   Same; certification of completion required, alternatives; duties of school boards.

KSA 72-510.   Same; duties of public health departments and officers; fees, exception to payment.

State Library of Kansas Reference
Reference: 785-296-2149
Legislative Hotline: 1-800-432-3924

Aug 27

Kansas Appropriations Reports, 1975/76-2014/15 online at KGI

Posted to KGI Online Library by Bill Sowers

The Kansas Appropriations Reports are annual publications that wrap up the fiscal outcomes of each legislative session.  These reports include comprehensive information on the budget of state agencies approved during each session. They are intended to provide detailed information to legislators and others by providing specific budgetary facts and comparisons to prior budget years. They also detail at what point in the process the budgetary actions for each agency occurred.

The Kansas Government Information (KGI) Library has scanned and added the Appropriation Reports back to 1975.  That's about 40 years of fiscal history of Kansas state government.  A researcher can check online for monies appropriated for highway improvements, the state water plan, education, capital improvements, etc. 

Check out these volumes at: 

If interested in adding the serial record to your catalog it can be found in the Kansas Library Catalog for downloading as well as OCLC (#918898788)
Aug 24

TumbleBooks - update links today!

Posted to Librarian News by Lianne Flax

One more reminder to update your TumbleBooks links!  Our authentication for Tumblebooks changes tomorrow, August 25.  Any previous link to TB will stop working tomorrow.

Public Libraries, please make sure your TumbleBooks link is:

This link contains the same geolocation security as used on the statewide database links.  Any patron that the system does not recognize as “Kansas” will be asked to login with a Kansas Library eCard.

Have EZ Proxy or an ILS like Biblionix Apollo, which allows your patrons to login with a local card to access statewide products easily?  Contact and we’ll get you set up for the new TumbleBooks authentication.  Sorry, no local statistics can be extracted from TumbleBooks, but if you have local trackers set up for your website/ILS you’ll be able to do this yourself.  

School Libraries: please remember that that the statewide TumbleBooks account is the public library subscription!  This does not include curriculum licensing, so you may not use this product in class but kids are allowed to use it during their free reading time. Please do not link directly to TumbleBooks for this reason, direct kids to instead.