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Jun 19

Kansas Travel Information

Posted to From the Reference Desk... by Brett Rurode

Kansas Map
It’s been a long year already, and we are only halfway through.  Do you need a quick get-away?  Here are some travel websites with Kansas vacation ideas.  You don’t need to go far from home for an exciting escape.

The state of Kansas’ travel website:

Here is an independent travel website for the state of Kansas:

Famous Kansas attractions…and a few you’ve never heard of:

For outdoor vacations including camping, boating, and hiking:

Don’t forget about rural Kansas.  Small towns have great attractions too:

Roadside America provides information on some of the more off-beat things to see and do in Kansas:

The Kansas Historical Society in Topeka is a great place to visit:

If you come through Topeka, don’t forget to stop by the Kansas State Capitol:

Nathan Carr of Newton Public Library has put together a great webinar on Kansas Travel:


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Legislative Hotline: 1-800-432-3924
Jul 01

Library Consortia: Models for Collaboration and Sustainability (2015)

Posted to State Library's LIS Collection by Brian Herder

Library Consortia

Library Consortia: Models for Collaboration and Sustainability (2015)

Valerie Horton and Greg Pronevitz

Publisher: ALA Editions

Item Number: 978-0-8389-1218-8

No library stands alone. A long-standing tenet of the discipline, library cooperation predates the founding of ALA. Although these are times of crisis and uncertainty for library consortia (by one count, more than 65 consortia have closed since 2008), the collaboration that consortia offer helps libraries extend the value of every dollar spent. With over 35 years of experience managing five different library consortia between them, Horton and Pronevitz are uniquely qualified to show how consortia have been transforming themselves, offering new services and products while growing ever more important to the library community.  Covering the history, current landscape, management approaches, critical trends, and key services that define today’s library consortia, they

  • Highlight the current trends impacting consortia and the fiscal difficulties many have experienced since the 2007-2009 Recession
  • Present conclusions drawn from sixteen case studies and the results of a recent survey on consortial environment and priorities  
  • Look into current management practices and give an overview of consortia activities, such as e-book technology and delivery methods
  • Discuss the Discover to Delivery continuum, a key trend that allows libraries to maximize services
This book will help new library staff understand the full range of activities that take place in today’s consortia, while also showing consortia managers, participants in consortial governance, and participating libraries methods for revising current practices, places for expanding services, and adopting new project ideas.
Jun 30

Freading - checkout change

Posted to Statewide Online Services News by Lianne Flax

Freading has decided to change the way checkouts are limited.  This change will take place tomorrow, July 1!     

Since all books on Freading are always available, checkouts have been governed by an allowance of tokens.  Each person using Freading received 10 tokens on their account per week to “spend” on checkouts as they choose (where books may cost 1-4 tokens).

New style has a limit of checkouts instead of tokens on your account. 

  • Will now have by five checkouts per week.  Like with tokens, unused checkouts will roll over for up to 4 weeks.  A new allowance of 5 checkouts will be added to your account every Monday.  
  • Logins, your reading history, and current checkouts will not be affected by the change.  The way to search & checkout books will remain the same. 

We upped the checkout limit from Freading's default of 3 to 5, as that seemed to be more reasonable given our previous token allowance.  It is possible that your checkouts might say 3 the first day. 

We are in the process of updating our Freading instructions for reflect this change.

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