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Apr 22

Money Smart Week 2016

Posted to From the Reference Desk... by Sarah Tenfelde-Dubois

Money Smart Week kicks off on April 23 this year. Money Smart Week is a great time to help patrons learn to manage personal finances with events and activities.   Understanding the workings of personal finance, financial planning, lifestyle flexibility and locating helpful services become important tools in life. This includes starting at a young age and learning to make wise decisions about earning and spending, then moving on to thinking about how to prepare for retirement.

To help with financial literacy education, the State Library of Kansas has put together resources that might be helpful in education for all individuals. For more information, please see our Financial Literacy for Kansans page.  This year, we've added a Total Boox shelf to the financial literacy Digital Books page, as well as some additional titles. Feel free to check back, as other titles might be included.

If you are a librarian or educator who wants to create a financial literacy program, the State Library has created a resource page that contains links to various curriculum resources, programming ideas, and possible grant opportunities.  The programming section has several links to free financial education publications that can be ordered for libraries. Additionally, from an American Library Association news release, libraries can have the opportunity to have access to finance subject ebooks through HarperCollins for a fee through April 15-May 15, 2016.

For further information, links to Kansas government financial literacy resources are highlighted on the Financial Organizations in Kansas tab in the Financial Literacy portion of the State Library’s website.  New this year is Kansas Money, which was created for financial information concerning Kansans, by state agencies in Kansas. In other government news, Governor Brownback has declared April as Financial Literacy month in April.  To view the proclamation, please see the Kansas Office of the Securities Commissioner’s press release.

These helpful and knowledgeable links on different topics of financial literacy and personal finance can be shared throughout the year, but are especially relevant during Money Smart Week.

State Library of Kansas Reference
Reference: 785-296-2149
Legislative Hotline: 1-800-432-3919



Apr 01

Kansas Road Maps at the KGI Online Library

Posted to KGI Online Library by Bill Sowers



How many times have we heard that, followed by a struggle for that coveted front passenger seat.  How cool is it to get in the car and just drive... seeing new sights... singing songs along the way?... Well, my family did the song thing.  Of course it can be helpful to have a map in the glove compartment to give you an idea of what lies around the next bend in the road too.

Imagine yourself taking a road trip across Kansas in 1918... or 1921... The map would not only be crucial in telling you where you're headed but a good road map would tell you if the road intersecting ahead was gravel, dirt or paved.... very important as there weren't as many paved roads as there are now.  The number of small towns would most likely be greater than today too, offering you the chance to stop for a drink at a general store. Road maps would have been vital in getting around for sure.

Thanks to the Kansas Historical Society the Kansas Government Information (KGI) Library now has a modest collection of digitized State Highway Commission road maps for Kansas up online.  We've had to divide each map up in sections to scan them but we believe they give a good look at the development of roads in our state.

So pack up the Roadster with victuals for a picnic along the way, hop in and take off to see the sights using your imagination, some great online graphic sites with old pictures of Kansas and an old Kansas highway map!

You can see the collection at:


The Kansas Department of Transportation has a great collection of Kansas highway maps as well.  They can be viewed here:
(These links were supplied by Lin Fredericksen of the Kansas Historical Society)

Apr 07

KSLC Admin Training

Posted to Librarian News by Lianne Flax

Here is the archive of this morning’s KSLC Admin webinar.

Statewide Services section of the State Library site - we handed out the Statewide Services FAQ sheets (see Training & Librarian Docs page) and mentioned the KSLC patron pamphlet (Promotional page) during the session.

  • KSLC patron login page ( will be simplified later this month. Headers, footers, and an extra column are being removed to make this page work better for mobile devices. The login process itself will not change.
  • Local stats for ebooks – as you know, work to allow local circulation statistics from the KSLC ebook use has been ongoing for some time. This is now very close to a reality. Freading has finished incorporating local stats into their reports, and the other ebook vendors are close. Later this month we will have the Freading reports available for you to view, expect an email to the listservs and a note on this blog when this is ready. OneClickdigital has been providing local statistics by zip code for some time, see this page.