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Oct 31

Halloween Facts, Safety, & Some Spooky Stuff Too!

Posted to From the Reference Desk... by Brett Rurode

Census Facts about Halloween:

Occupations that could be costumes:

Safety Tips from Kansas Department of Health and Environment:

Halloween Safety: Safety.pdf

“Haunted History” by Susan S. Novak, Kansas Heritage, Volume 13, Number 3 (2005)

“Tour Kansas: Spirit Guide” by Cecilia Harris, KANSAS! Magazine (Fall, 2012)

“Take the Trolley. If You Dare” by Kim Gronniger, KANSAS! Magazine (Fall, 2003)
For full article, please contact State Library of Kansas Reference Desk.

Take the Trolley. If you dare

“Whispers from the Past” by Sammy M. Snell, photos by Michael Snell, KANSAS! Magazine (Fall, 1998)
For full article, please contact State Library of Kansas Reference Desk.

Whispers from the Past

State Library of Kansas Reference
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Nov 12

Customer Service in Libraries: Best Practices (2013)

Posted to State Library's LIS Collection by Brian Herder

Customer Service in Libraries

Customer Service in Libraries: Best Practices (2013)

Edited by Chris Harmon and Michael Messina

Item Number: 978-0-8108-8749-7

Publisher: Scarecrow Press, Inc.

In Customer Service in Libraries, nine librarians from across the country describe their libraries' best practices in this key area. Their contributions range from all-encompassing customer service policies and models adaptable for any library to micro-approaches that emphasize excellent user-focused technology planning, picture-book arrangement with patrons in mind, Web 2.0 tools to connect users with the library, establishing good service delivery chains, and making the library a great resource for homeschoolers.

As past Public Library Association president Audra Caplan writes in her introduction, "There is nothing magical about providing excellent customer service; it just takes the right people, the right philosophy, and the passion to make it a reality." If you've got all that, here are the best practices to make stellar customer service a reality for your library's users.