Posted on: August 19, 2014

Back-to-School Refresher for Librarians

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Welcome back! Here is your back-to-school refresher from Statewide Services. Please call or email if you have any questions about databases, digital books, the Kansas Library eCard, or the updated State Library site, etc. 800-432-3919 or kslc@library.ks.gov

Updated State Library Site
In June, the State Library was moved to a different website provider. The look is different, but the information you need is still in the Librarians section (clickable from the top, lighter blue bar). If you hover over the ‘Librarians’ link, the full menu for the section pops up. http://kslib.info

Kansas Library eCard (KSLC) Admin Training
The KSLC was also transitioned to the new website provider. To watch the archive of the training webinar, download a new version of the text instructions, or view a self-paced presentation on the KSLC: http://kslib.info/305

Digital Books eLending – New Britannica E-STAX
Britannica E-STAX, a nonfiction ebook service for PreK-12, welcomes school use! These books are unlimited, multiuse titles (all students can read/download each book at the same time). There is a read online option, or you can download a copy of the book into the computer software or the mobile app.

• Access Right Now: login with the Kansas Library eCard (http://kslib.info/ecard) and select the Britannica E-STAX link.
• School Direct Access: login with a KSLC by all students is not necessary in-school. To be set up with a special link to E-STAX, please get your IP address/range from your IT department and fill out this form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ESTAXKansas We will let you know when setup is complete. Please note that this link will only work at school, so at-home use of E-STAX will have to go through the KSLC. No individual use statistics can be provided.
• Learn to Use E-STAX: go to the Digital Books eLending Tutorial page. Text notes and a clickable tutorial with screenshots have been provided. Shortened link: http://kslib.info/799
TumbleBooks & Scholastic BookFlix Restrictions: the new Scholastic BookFlix and TumbleBooks are public library subscriptions! There is no curriculum use allowed in the licenses we have. Please do not use these books as lessons/in class. Please do not link directly to Tumblebooks. If you would like to show kids that it is something that they can use (normal, unassigned use during study period or free time is fine), you could link to the Kids eBook page: http://kslib.info/ebooksforkids

Statewide Databases
No changes were made to database subscriptions over the summer. Due to the State Library site updates, it is a good idea to check your links! These database page links were kept during the site update:
• Main database page: http://kslib.info/eor
• Middle-high school database page: http://kslib.info/students
• Elementary school database page: http://kslib.info/kids

Direct links to databases: while they would not have been impacted by the State Library website changes, you can lose access if something changed with your school’s internet provider over the summer. Please make sure this has not happened.

If you have not been linking to the statewide databases and would like to, most school libraries use one of these options:
• Link to a State Library database page. The most common used are the ones created for the age groups (shown above).
• Obtain direct links to any of the statewide databases, so you can create your own database links area on your site (just ask us for the ones you want).

Expect training webinars on the databases to begin in early October. We will promote these on the KASL list.

Auto-Graphics AGent/KICNET-ILL Changes

Not a KICNET library? Skip this!

Auto-Graphics, the vendor that houses our statewide Kansas Library Catalog and the statewide ILL system, also had an update over the summer. The new version is called “SHAREit.” If you are a KICNET library:
• Update your favorite/bookmark to the new SHAREit link (your same login still works, just the link has changed).
• Get training if necessary! There will be another webinar on Thursday, August 28, 2pm.
All KICNET libraries are on the KanILL listserve. Rhonda Machlan will be reposting the information on updating your link and the webinar information there soon.

Lianne Flax
Online Services and Programming
State Library of Kansas
Phone: 800-432-3919
Support email: audiobooks@library.ks.gov

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