Mobile Apps: if I leave the wifi/4G area, can I still use my books?
As long as you already have them checked out/downloaded, yes! Some notes:

3M Cloud Library App - checkouts can be accessed normally via the My Books tab, even if the app warns "no server connection." To be extra certain this will work, open each book once in the app before leaving your wifi zone. This makes sure that the book is fully downloaded to the app.

BlueFire or Aldiko Apps for Freading & Enki - your book is already downloaded to the app, and does not require an internet connection afterwards.

OneClickdigital App - make sure your app is logged in, and the book is fully downloaded before leaving the connection area (start the book playing, then pause the book, it will continue loading). How to know the book is fully downloaded: start the book playing, then tap the button that looks like an open book in the upper right corner. Downloaded chapters of the book will be in bold black. If there are any faint gray chapter headings, these have not downloaded.

Please note that TumbleBooks & Unite for Literacy are in-browser only, and require an internet connection.

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