Changed password, now cannot log in to software or app.
Mobile App - best thing to do to restart the device. Hold down the power button until the device asks if you mean to power off. Confirm this, and turn it back on after a minute or two. You should be able to successfully type in your new password now. Remember, the Library name to use in the app is "State Library of Kansas." You can just start typing Kansas to be able to select this.

OneClick Media Manager for Windows:
1. Close the Media Manager.
2. On your computer, go to Start and open the Documents folder.
3. Open the Media folder (not My Media). This is where the software stores files for operation.
4. Find the file that starts with your username and then says "State Library of Kansas." Delete this file -- if there are multiples, delete all.
5. Open the Media Manager. The login fields will be completely blank, and will accept your username & new password.

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1. Changed password, now cannot log in to software or app.
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