Windows 8 Specific Problems
Please make sure you do not need up update your Windows security -- this is common even on new computers! Help note for this issue.

File Association Issue
The Windows 8 music app interferes with OneClickdigital's Media Manager, as it wants to be the default program to use all audio files. You will need to set the default program for audio files back to the original Windows Media Player, since it will allow the audiobooks program to use the files.

1. Go to your Control Panel. One way to do this: from the desktop, open the right side panel and click on "settings."
2. Go to Programs. Under Default Programs, choose "Make a file type always open in a specific program."
3. A long list of file types will open. It may take a minute or two to load.
4. Do this process for both the .MP3 and .WMA file types:
---Click on the name of the file type.
---Click "Change program..."
---Select "Windows Media Player"
---Click OK to finish.

MP3 Player Issue (not iPods)
If it worked fine with OneClick on Windows 7, Vista, or XP, but can't transfer since getting Windows 8. For some reason, the folder created by the software from an older Windows version cannot be transferred into with Windows 8. If you use different versions of Windows computers, you may need to delete this folder pretty regularly.

1. Connect your MP3 player to the computer.
2. Access the storage on the device (may need to go to Computer -> name of device).
3. Inside the storage will be a folder called eAudiobooks -- delete this. If there is more than one, delete them all.
4. Try to transfer again.

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