Computer: Media Manager update fails or has stopped working normally.
The best thing to do is a clean install of the program. Here's how.

Windows Uninstall Instructions:
1. Go to your Control Panel.
2. Find "Programs"
3. Select "Uninstall a Program." The list that comes up may take a minute to pull up.
4. Find "OneClickdigital Media Manager" in the list. Click on it once to highlight it, then choose "Uninstall" or "Remove."
5. Follow any prompts your computer gives you to uninstall the program.
6. Check for and delete any files and folders left over from OneClick:
---Go to "Documents/My Documents" then "Media." (not "My Media"). Delete this folder, it is where OneClick stores the files downloaded for books, old logins, updates, etc.
---Go to "Computer," click on your "C Drive" then "Programs" (if you have a "Program Files (x86)" use this). If there is a "OneClickdigital" and/or "Recorded Books" folder delete these.

Mac Uninstall Instructions:
1. Open "Finder."
2. Select "Applications."
3. Find "OneClickdigital" in the list of applications.
4. Drag this application to the trash.

When you have fully uninstalled the program, reinstall it. There are install links on the First-Time Users page.

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