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3M Android App

The 3M Cloud Library app for Android allows you to checkout, download, and read ebooks directly on your device without the need to transfer the books from your computer. 

Compatibility: devices with Android version 2.1 and above that can access the Google Play Store.  Notes

  • Includes Nook Tablets, HD/HD+  (these have the Google Play Store)
  • Nook Colors normally can use this app, but there is currently a problem with this access.  Please transfer from the computer to your Nook Color instead.  Nook Color notes will be restored to this page when it is available again. 
  • For devices without the Google Play Store (like Kindle Fires), please see this page instead


Getting Started

  1. Open the Play Store app on your device.  Search for and install 3M Cloud Library.
  2. Open the app to set it up for your initial use .  Answer each box, clicking next to get to the following question.
    • Location Questions- select United States & Kansas.
    • Select Library- "State Library of Kansas - Capitol Building."
    • Enter Your Library Card ID - answer both blanks and tap Login.
      • Library ID--your 6-digit Kansas Library Card number. This is separate from your local library card login, if you need a Kansas Library Card, please visit your public or school library to get one.
      • Password/Pin--your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format. Example: January 1, 1980 should be entered as 01011980.
  3. The 3M Cloud Library connects.  For this first use, you will need to Accept the Terms & Conditions to continue.

Normally, the app will save your login information.  You should only need to log in again if you have specifically logged out of the app, or if there was a large update to the app.

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Overview of App Features

The 3M Cloud Library has 4 main tabs, accessible by tapping their buttons at the top of the app.  Each section is described below.

3M cloud android app tabs


This is the display case of the library.  Normally we will have a "New Additions" and a "Recently Popular" section, with other shelves added from time to time (we like to make one for the yearly Kansas Notable Books awards, for example).


Categories are the "subject browse" section of the app.  It contains an Advanced Filter button that allows you to only see books that are available to check out right now (this is what is shown in the "find a book now" section below.  This option will stay on until you turn it off!


This is a very simple search.  Try a one-word search for best results, such as the last name of an author or a couple of words from a long title.  The Advanced Search button on this page allows you to only see books currently available for checkout in your searches.  This option will remain on until you chose to turn it off.

My Books

This is your account screen.  It shows your current checkouts, holds, and other information.

  • Currently Reading area is wood-paneled.  It will show the books you have currently checked out. Clicking the List View button allows you to return books early.
  • Holds will always estimate how long of a wait you have on your books and allows you to remove books you no longer want.  For more about holds, see the Other Options below.
  • Wish List saves suggested titles. If you stumble across a book that is suggested, but we do not have, you may add it to the wish list.  If the library purchases that book, it will appear in your Holds list. 
  • Reading History preserves what you have read, and any ratings you have applied to those books.  You may delete your reading history from this area.
  • Message Center hosts notices and updates from the library, and notifications of items available on your holds or wishlist (if you have not yet seen them).
  • Account Profile is where you can log out of the software and set your email notification for holds.   More on setting your email in Other Options below.

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Find a Book Right Now

The Categories tab is the best way to find a book to read right now.

  • Go to the Categories tab.
  • Tap the Filter button on the upper right side. 
  • Select the "Books available to check out" option. 

Once this is selected, the categories will only show what you can check out immediately.  Click a main category tile (like Fiction) to choose a subcategory (such as Romance or Mystery).  This option does stay ON, keep that in mind for the future. 

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Check Out a Book!

When you have found a book you are interested in, tap on the book's cover or the checkout/holds button.  This will pull up the Book Detail page.  Note that you can view a full summary as well as similar books to the one you are interested in (usually other books by same author).

  • Tap the green button to finalize check out.  If all copies are checked out, it will be a gray hold button instead.
  • You will be taken to the My Books tab. The book has been checked out to you for 14 days.
  • The new book will appear on in the Currently Reading section and download. You are ready to use the book.
book details page to checkout book

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Reading a Book

Open a Book: tap on the cover of the book from the My Books screen.

Turning Pages: tap the edges!

Tap on the right edge of the page, or swipe towards the left from the right edge to proceed through the book.  To back up, do the same action from the left edge.

Book Options: tap the center.

Tap the center of your book page to bring up the display options menu at the top of the screen.  The buttons are:

  • Leaning books icon (far left): Close book, return to My Books Screen. 
  • i: Book details screen.  Access the summary, table of contents, bookmarks, similar books list, or share (social media, email).  There will also be an option to check in this book. 
  • Gear: Settings. Go here to increase the text size, change the screen brightness, etc. 
  • Magnifying glass: Search within the book.  Works reasonably well by keyword.
  • Blank box (far right): Bookmarking feature.  You may leave the note blank to set a generic bookmark, or enter notes.  Bookmarks are accessible later through the Book Details screen (the app does auto-save your place in the book).

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Other Options


When a hold is placed, the progress of a hold is shown on the My Books screen. It estimates the wait period for a book based on the number of people ahead of you in the list, the number of digital copies of that book the library owns, and the maximum checkout period of 14 days.

Holds Notifications

To receive an email when your hold is available, you must turn on the nofication option.  To edit your email address later, return to this section.

  1. Go to My Books.
  2. Select Account Profile (at bottom)
  3. Email Notification should be at the top of your profile.  Turn this on.
  4. Enter your email address when prompted.
  5. 3M will send you a verification email--click the confirmation link (or follow any other directions) in this email to finalize your setup. 

    Checking out a hold: your book will appear with a green Check Out button in your Hold List when it is available.  You have a grace period of 72 hours to check out the book before it is passed to the next person.

    Managing holds: decide you do not want a hold anymore?  Click the Remove from Hold List button, or click Show All to see all of your holds and remove them.

    Return a Book Early

    1. On the My Books screen, click List View in the upper right corner. 

    2. Tap the book you are finished with.  This opens the book details - there will be a red Check In button at the bottom (some users need to scroll to see it).

    3. The page refreshes, giving you the opportunity to rate the book (optional).  Tap Return Book to confirm.

    Reading on Multiple Devices or Computers

    The 3M Cloud Library allows you access to your checkouts on all versions of the software/mobile apps.  The software will save your spot in the book based on the last place you used it.  This auto-bookmarking is close but not perfect (different devices have different screen sizes).  Regular ereaders (like the Nook, Kobo) will save your place on that device, but cannot communicate what page you are on to the 3M Cloud Library software.

    Log Out of the App

    It is not necessary for you to log out of the app, unless you share a device with another person. If you need to log out:

    1. Go to the "My Books" tab. 
    2. Select "Account Profile."
    3. Tap the "Log Out" button.

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    Questions or Need Help?

    Email the State Library's Statewide Services desk at, or call toll-free during regular business hours: 800-432-3919. Please mention that you are using 3M ebooks as we also handle other statewide services.  We can:

    • answer general questions and problems,
    • teach you one-on-one about 3M, including walking you through setup and checking out your first books.

    For the most common questions and problems, see the Help & FAQ page.

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    |     Last modified: Mar 12, 2014