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Buying Books


The State Library of Kansas is partnering with Bilbary, a new ebook purchasing store. Not only are discounts available on Bilbary, but instead of the standard library/Bilbary business relationship, the state library is forgoing any monetary benefit in support of Bilbary's plans to develop an ebook rental feature (where you would pay a small amount to read the book once, versus owning it). Ultimately a library lending feature will be developed that the State Library may get involved in.  When library lending is available, the library would receive credit for any ebook you purchased.  Just click the Bilbary logo below to visit the site.  

Note: Books purchased through these vendors are for your personal use.  Purchasing these ebooks does not add them to the 3M Cloud Library or any other statewide ebooks service. 

bilbary logo

Other book buying options through the State Library may be available in the future. 

|     Last modified: Jul 02, 2013