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Devices & Compatibility

Please Consider:

(click the title for elaboration on these points)

  • Reading reviews online.
  • Does the device fit the needs & life of the person it is for?
  • Are accessories needed for the device?
  • Including State Library's phone number and email address! 


Tablets are attractive gifts.  They can browse the internet, download apps, and usually have audio capabilities. Click the title above to read the whole section, or just a specific brand below for specific notes:


Regular ereaders are lightweight, not terribly expensive, and generally easy to learn.  Click above for compatible common brands. NOT compatible with our ebooks services at all: Kindles.

MP3 Players

Only specific models of brands listed as compatible by the OneClickdigital audiobooks company are discussed on this page.  Not all models in a brand may be compatible, so please be careful! 

|     Last modified: Feb 27, 2014