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2013 eReader Compatibility

Types of eReaders:

  • e-ink ereaders: lightweight, black and white, usually does not do anything other than ebooks--that is what we focus on here!  These ereaders have the book transferred from the computer to the device. 
  • color ereaders: color LCD screens, these are really more like Android tablets.  They usually have web browsers and may even have audio capabilities. 
    • If device listed as using the full Google Play Store, treat it like an Android Tablet (can use digital books apps instead of transfer from computer). Example: Nook Tablet HD.
    • If device does not have Google Play Store access or limited access, it should still be able to use the ebooks like its e-ink cousins (by transfer from the computer).

Compatible Inexpensive eReaders

  • Barnes & Noble Nooks - if you live close to a B&N, drop in to see these in person.  
    • Nook Simple Touch is the basic e-ink model.
    • Nook GlowLight has a lit screen for night reading.
  • Kobo eReaders (they offer several e-ink models)
    • Kobo Touch is the basic e-ink model.
    • Kobo Mini is a 5 inch basic e-ink reader (all others are 7 inch).
    • Kobo Glo is the model with the lit screen for night reading.

Other brands of standard e-ink ereaders (excepting the Kindle) should be compatible with 3M, but we do not have experience with all of them.  The Sony eReaders are compatible but require extra steps and often the additional Sony Reader software to make transfers work.  If you are considering the Sony as a gift, please take the technical abilities of the giftee in mind.

Gifting Consideration: Do I need accessories to go along with the ereader?

  • All ereaders will come with a USB cord.  This is how you connect it to the computer for transferring books and/or charging the device.  
  • Charging adaptor - most ereaders charge by plugging into the computer, but some people want to get an AC adaptor so it can be charged on a regular outlet too.
  • Electronics cleaning cloth - don't clean an ereader with paper towels, it scratches the screen!  Sometimes devices come with a cleaning cloth.
  • Case - for protection.  Cases vary a lot, from inexpensive foam-like slip cases you slide the device in when it is not used, to leather cases made to resemble the cover of a book.  If you choose a book-cover type case, be sure that the case holds the ereader securely.  As some cases can be expensive (or the failure of the case can ruin the device!), you might want to look at its details in an online store and read the customer reviews.  Usually if there has been a problem with ereaders falling out of a case this will be in the customer comments. 

|     Last modified: Nov 26, 2013