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Learn to Use Your Android Device

**please note--we intend to have links and information on other topics related to using your device here in the future.  We have started with the most common questions. **

How to Install an App

This is for installing a specific app.  If you are looking for a general type of app, like a calculator, use the type of app in the search (Step 5) instead. 

  1. You need to find the Play Store app on your device.  Depending on your device, and how you have it set up, you may need to look:
    • on your device's main screen.motorola droid all apps button
    • in the full list of apps.  For our Motorola Droid smartphone, this means tapping a button that looks like this at the bottom of the screen. 
  2. When you've found it, tap on the Play Store icon.  It looks like this:
    android google play store icon
  3. You will be on the main page of the Play Store.  It is advertising a lot of apps and other products to you.  Ignore this!
  4. Find the search function for the Play Store.  This will be in the upper right corner--tap the little magnifying glass.
    search feature in google play store
  5. In the search box, input the name of the app you want to find.  For this example, we searched for "OneClickdigital."
    enter search term
  6. Tap the "enter/return" or "search" key on the keyboard to complete the search.
  7. Find the app in the list of results.  Since we searched for a specific app, it should be first.
    app in search results-choose the app
  8. Tap the app (search results also make free vs. paid very obvious). 
  9. This pulls up the details page of the app.  Tap "Install."
    install button for the app
  10. You will be asked to tap an "Accept & Download" button to confirm.  This screen lets you know what portions of your device the app will access for use, such as the internal storage to the device. 
    accept and download button to confirm
  11. The app will begin installing on your device.  The Google Play screen will refresh, and let you know it is installing.
    • Recommended: turn on "Allow Automatic Updating."  Updates to the app will install without you having to do anything, so you are not likely to miss one.
      allow automatic updating recommended
  12. When install is complete, a message will flash across the top of your device.  You may return to the home screen or apps list of your device to use the newly installed app.

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|     Last modified: Jul 16, 2013