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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 7/2/13

What is the Digital Books eLending project?
The libraries of Kansas work together to provide access to digital library books for all residents, which includes downloadable audiobooks and ebooks.  The State Library of Kansas administers this project and provides help to people using the service.  If you wanted databases instead, please see the Explore Our Resources page. 

Who can access these downloadable books?
Any Kansas resident can check out from this collection. Individuals will need a Kansas Library Card (which can be obtained from any library in the state) unless their local library provides an alternative.

eBooks and audiobooks--what is the difference?

eBook stands for electronic book.  So, you could argue that all digital books are "ebooks," but there is a big difference between a digital audiobook (a book you listen to, just like the books on tape or CD) and a regular ebook (that you read on a screen).  Most people refer to the digital audiobooks as just "audiobooks" and the regular ebooks as "ebooks."  Keep this in mind--if you email us asking for help with "ebooks" we will assume you mean the standard ebooks and not the audiobooks portion of the library!   

Will I get overdue fines on these books?

No--at the end of the checkout period the book returns automatically and will no longer be on your account. Early return is available on both OneClickdigital and 3M Cloud Library.  The instructions pages for each will show you how to do this.  Freading books expire at the end of their checkout. As there are no holds lists on this service, early return is not necessary to help other patrons get a book sooner. 

If you transferred the book to a portable device from your computer, the file on that device will have expired after the "due date" and you will no longer be able to access it.

Am I limited to using just one system in the Digital Books project?
No.  You may use each if you like.  Please realize there are checkout limits for each system and this is in the FAQ of each system.  Example: on 3M Cloud Library, you may have 5 books checked out at a time.   

What is OneClickdigital?
OneClickdigital is the name of our digital audiobooks vendor.  The parent company of OneClickdigital is Recorded Books.  Recorded Books has been a provider of audiobooks to libraries for many years.  OneClickdigital is their project to create an online library audiobook option.  To learn to use OneClickdigital and read the frequently asked questions about audiobooks, see the OneClickdigital Overview page. 

What is 3M Cloud Library?
3M Cloud Library is the name of our ebooks vendor.  3M has been a provider of library items in the past (such as security systems, self-checkout machines) but this is their first foray into the digital library scene.  To learn to use 3M Cloud Library and read the frequently asked questions about just it, see the 3M Cloud Library Overview page.

What is Freading?
Freading is the ebooks venture by the Library Ideas company.  You may already be familiar to Freegal Music, one of their other projects (several libraries in Kansas have a subscription).  Freading works differently than other ebooks platforms.  Consider it like an ebooks rental system that we have subscribed to for all of Kansas.  To learn to use Freading and read the frequently asked questions about it, see the Freading Overview page. 

What is TumbleBooks?
TumbleBooks are ebooks for kids.  The book plays/reads in the internet browser window, so there is no need to install special software.  There are two main types of books--Story Books (picture books with audio and animation) and Read-a-Longs (regular ebooks with an audio reading option) available.  Games, quizzes, and videos are available to supplement many of the stories.   To learn more about TumbleBooks please see the TumbleBooks Overview page.

Can I request that you add a certain book on any of these services?
Yes--to OneClickdigital (audiobooks) or 3M Cloud Library (ebooks).  Please use the Digital Book Request Form.   Please realize that some books do not have digital versions, and not all publishers sell digital copies to libraries.  

Freading and TumbleBooks are subscription-based services.  Everything in their catalogs are available for you to use, the library does not need to purchase individual books. 

I've noticed that some bestselling authors aren't available.  What is going on?
Most bestselling authors are published by the "Big Six" publishing houses.  Not all of these publishers allow libraries (or libraries of our type) to purchase digital books from them.  Some will allow libraries to purchase, but with restrictions (number of checkouts limited, then we must repurchase the book) or extreme price differences (paying 3 times or more as retail for the book).  If you would like to know more about this, please follow our Big 6 eBooks page on Facebook. 

Some authors are speaking out about this as well, please see the Authors for Library eBooks page.  They provide resources on how you can help.

Is this similar to the Talking Books service?
Talking Books is a service available for those who are unable to read or use standard printed materials as a result of temporary or permanent visual or physical impairment. For eligibility information click here

A while back you used a different company for audiobooks and ebooks.  When did this change and what happened?
December 5, 2011 was our final day with the previous vendor.  At that time we started our account with OneClickdigital for audiobooks, and our 3M Cloud Library account began in January 2012.  The platform fee for the old company was scheduled to increase by 700% over the next 3 years, and this was no longer sustainable.  The State Library sought permission to transfer many of the books we owned on the previous vendor's library to our new libraries.  Many vendors allowed this tranfer, but not all.  If you are interested in learning more, please see State Librarian Jo Budler's Open Letter from September 2011.

Who do I contact if I have further questions or need help setting up for audiobooks or ebooks?
The State Library Online Services desk, or 800-432-3919. 

|     Last modified: Jul 11, 2013