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Freading eBooks

Login Information


Go to the Kansas Library Card page and log in with:

  • your Kansas Library Card number
  • your birthdate, in MMDDYYYY format (example: if your birthday was September 18, 1982, you would input 09/18/1982.)

Kansas Library Cards can be issued by any local public or school library.

How to Use, in a nutshell:

Nutshell Presentation Video 

  1. Download the software or app needed for your computer or device.
  2. Authenticate the software or app with an Adobe ID. 
  3. Access your Freading account through the Kansas Library Card site.
  4. Use your weekly allotted tokens to check out books. 
  5. Read the book inside the software/app (or transfer to an ereader from the computer).
About Freading

freading website access

Instructions and Software Downloads


Tokens were increased from 5 per week to 10 per week as of 12/23/13.  In the process of updating all of our notes on these pages to reflect that change.

Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Click above for the main page & all questions, here are the most popular:

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