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OneClick Android App

The OneClickdigital app for Android devices allows you to download and play audiobooks directly on your device, no transfer from computer is necessary.

Compatible: Devices with Android 2.1 and newer; Kindle Fires


Getting Started

To use OneClickdigital, you must (a) register for an account, (b) install & set up the app.

A. Register for an account (with your Kansas Library Card)

Kansas Library Cards provide access to any statewide online library service.  These are separate from your local library card, but you can get one at any public, school, or academic library.  More detailed registration instructions and links to alternate login pages for some libraries are found here.

  1. Go to and log in with your Kansas Library Card.
  2. Click the OneClickdigital Audiobooks Registration link in the brown box.
  3. You are now at the Create an Account screen.  You have proved to the company that you are a Kansas resident.
  4. Fill out the form.  Some notes:
    • Username:  is the only permanent field.  Pick something that you like and that is easy to type.  Do no use spaces in your username.
    • Passwords: need to be at least 7 characters long and contain both letters and numbers.
    • Zip Code: please provide a 5-digit zip for statistical purposes.
  5. Click the Create Account button only once, and wait a moment.  When this is complete, "Welcome [Your Name]" will appear in the upper right corner.

B. Install & set up the mobile app:

  1. Install the OneClickdigital app onto your device. 
    Android Smartphones & Tablets: Kindle Fires:
    • Open your Amazon App Store app.  Search for "oneclickdigital" and install the app.
  2. On your device, find and open the OneClickdigital app.  It will look like the image at right.oneclickdigital android app icon
  3. Select your region as North America to proceed.  This must be set for the app to work properly.  If it is missing, close and reopen the app.  If you selected the wrong region accidentally, please clear your app's cache. 
  4. Log in with your OneClickdigital username and password.  You may choose to have the app remember your login information.  The first time you access the app it may have you click login twice--once as it selects the library as "State Library of Kansas" and a second time to confirm.

You will now be on the My Titles screen of the app.  This is blank if you have not checked out any books.  Continue below.

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Check Out a Book

Browse Titles currently pulls up the regular OneClickdigital website inside the app.  If you use a small device and find this interface difficult, you may checkout books on your computer through the OneClick website.  Anything checked out there will be available for use in the mobile app after login or refreshing the app (your account will always sync). 

  1. From the My Titles screen of the app, tap Browse Titles.
  2. Search or browse for a book to check out. When you have found a book, tap on its cover.
  3. This shows the book's details. Use the Checkout Now button (or place a hold if all copies checked out).
  4. Tap the red Close button in the upper right corner to return to the My Titles screen.
  5. Your new checkout should be shown.  If it is not, use the Refresh button in the top left corner.

oneclickdigital android app refresh

Search & Browse Tips
We often use a bit of all three of these tips to find a book. Availability, a certain genre of book, and then sort by for the newest titles!
Simple Available Now Book Search

  1. Choose Advanced Search.
  2. The last box on the right is Available for Checkout. Choose "Available."
  3. Search.
  4. Only books that are available right now will be shown. Use other tips below to sort them further if necessary.

Sort By for Results

Each results list, regardless of how you started (browse or search) will have a Sort By box, with these options:

Sort by selection box
We commonly like to do the "Available Now" search shown above, then sort by Release Date. This puts the newest books available first.

Search Selection Column

All results lists will also have a Search Selection column on the right side of the book results. Use it to narrow a broad search or browse:

  • Available books, if you did not start with an availability search.
  • Books by Genre, like mystery, romance, or juvenile fiction.
    search selection column allows you to limit your search

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Download & Play a Book

If you have moved to another screen of the app, return to the My Titles screen.  Your checked out books will be shown.  Tap the gray circular play button for the book you wish to play.

oneclickdigital android app start book

The book will open, and begin downloading the first part of the book, which on most is the introduction.  This speed will depend on the length of the first section and your internet connection. 

Once the first part of the book downloads, the book will begin to play.  All other parts will download as it plays.   Note that the top red bar contains two buttons:

  • return to My Titles.

  • open book button--this is the book's table of contents.  You will be able to skip forward or back by several chapters if necessary.  Any bookmarks you create can also be retrieved from here. 

Below the cover art of the book are the control options.  There are the regular playback buttons (skip back, pause, etc), with these additions:

  • Plus button--bookmarking feature.

  • button--brings up the book's details (full summary, expiration date).

  • Volume slider bar (red & gray)



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oneclick android app title playing

Other Options

Many frequently asked questions about this service can be found on our Help & FAQ page.

Return a Book Early

The maximum checkout period is 21 days, but most also do not need the book that long. Early returns are appreciated!

  1. Tap on Browse Titles to access the OneClick site inside the app.
  2. Choose My Collections.  Your checked out items will be shown. 
  3. Tap the return button only once, and wait for the page to process & refresh.  Tapping multiple times may return other books on your account accidentally.

Renew a Book

  1. Tap on Browse Titles to access the OneClick site inside the app.
  2. Choose My Collections.  Your checked out items will be shown. 
  3. Tap the Renew button.  If there is no renew button, then the book is not eligible for renewal.  You may not renew a book that someone else is waiting on hold for.

Holds - Viewing & Managing

When all digital copies of an audiobook are checked out, you may place it on hold.  When it is your turn for a hold, the system will automatically check it out to you and send you an email that it is ready. If you need to update the email address on your account, visit the My Account section.

  1. Tap on Browse Titles to access the OneClick site inside the app.
  2. Choose My Collections.  
  3. Tap the Holds tab. 

From here, you can view the status of your holds and remove any hold you no longer want. This area includes how many copies of the book are owned by the library. A hold with 8 copies of a book is a much shorter wait than if we only owned one copy.

oneclick example of holds

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Leaving the wifi range?

All parts of the book must be downloaded before leaving the range of the wifi connection.  If it is not, the book will stop playing and the app will display a connection error once it gets to the end of the currently downloaded parts.

To be sure that all parts have downloaded, tap the open book icon in the upper right corner. 

oneclickdigital android app my titles screen

Downloaded chapters will be in bold black, chapters not downloaded are gray.  When all chapters have downloaded, the device can be out of range or disconnected from the wifi connection and play the entire book without interruption. 

Note: sometimes more than one Chapter 1 is shown.  It is often segmented into two tracks to allow uninterrupted listening during the early stages of the book download.

oneclick android app chapters screen

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Questions or Need Help?

Email the State Library's Statewide Services desk at, or call toll-free during regular business hours: 800-432-3919. Please mention that you are using OneClick audiobooks as we also handle other statewide services.  We can:

  • answer general questions,
  • help with problems (lost password, errors)
  • teach you one-on-one about OneClickdigital, including helping you set up.

For the most common questions and problems, see the Help & FAQ page.

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|     Last modified: Apr 16, 2014