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Register for OneClickdigital

Registration proves your Kansas residency to OneClickdigital.  The username & password you create during this process will allow access to the OneClick website and software for all future uses. Access from this direction is one-time only!

Alternative Sign-In: Some libraries allow you to use your local library card instead of the Kansas Library Card.  List at right, in the gray box.  If you need assistance accessing an individual library's create account link, please call that local library.  Your instructions will continue with step #3.

Register through the Kansas Library Card

  1. Go to the Kansas Library Card portal and log in (this link will open in a separate window, so you can register without losing these instructions). 
  2. Choose the "OneClickdigital Audiobooks Registration" link -- this is in the tan highlight box in the center of the page.   
  3. You are now taken to the "Create New Account" page on our OneClickdigital website. Now we need to fill out the form! 
  4. Library Information--this is blank for us.  The location of "State Library of Kansas" has already been fixed to your account.
  5. eAudio Preferences
    • Audio Download Method
      • Use OneClickdigital Media Manager or Mobile App- most people.
      • Use Manual Download- uncommon.  For people with computers too old to use the software.   
    • Audio Device Type - for computer users intending to transfer to an MP3 player. 
      • Apple device - any type of Apple iPod.
      • Other - any other brand of MP3 player (Sansa, Sony Walkman, etc). 
  6. eBook Preferences -- we currently only have audiobooks on OneClick, so leave this on the default. 
  7.  Personal information area:
    • Provide your first and last names. 
    • Postal/Zip Code-- input 5 digit zip only!  This helps generate a statistic on how many accounts and checkouts belong to each zip (and helps your local library justify buying books for the statewide service).
    • Provide a valid email address.  Please realize that each email can only be used on one account, so your family members will need to use a different email on their separate OneClick accounts.
    • Username--this is the only line that cannot be changed later, so make sure this is typed exactly the way you want it before you proceed!    Notes: 
      • You may choose any username that has not already been used.
      • Some people use their Kansas Library Card numbers.  
      • Any punctuation used will be permanent too. 
      • Not recommended: using spaces or capital letters in your username.  Example: if your name is Joe Smith, and you want to use your name, try "joesmith" or "joe.smith." 
    • Passwords must be at least 7 letters long and contain both letters and numbers.  Capitalization and punctuation is important here too--if you use a captial in your password that is the way it must be typed later also. 
  8.  Look over your information one more time, then click "Create Account" only once! 

What Next?

Install the Media Manager software (to your computer) or the OneClickdigital mobile app (to your Apple or Android device), then check out a book!   Return to the OneClickdigital overview page for instructions on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. 

|     Last modified: Oct 30, 2013