Candace LeDuc  
Topeka Staff
Title: Communications Coordinator
Phone: 785-291-3230
Candace LeDuc

Job Duties

• biweekly PIO meetings
• weekly reports to the governor’s office
• develop marketing and promotional material to enhance services
• oversee development and maintenance of website
• coordinate agency social media
• manage media relations
• coordinate printing
• write prior authorizations
• coordinate RFPs through procurement office
• event planning/trade shows/conferences
• coordinate sponsorships for state librarian’s luncheon
• serve on employee committee
• develop library projects and programs as needed
• assist in library programs as needed
• monitor successful strategies and initiatives of other organizations
• produce annual reports
• write briefing notes, presentations and speech notes for state librarian
• support national initiatives
• track and evaluate marketing effectiveness
• coordinate projects with other state agencies/organizations
• track legislative issues
• develop annual budget narrative
• provide graphic design work for various projects
• keep external agency messaging current, dynamic and accurate
• create weekly newsletter blurbs for legislators during session
• collect and maintain library stock photos
• other duties as assigned by state librarian
• serve on steering team  

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