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County Data

American Community Survey Profiles

Single Year Estimates

These are general profiles of counties with populations over 65,000, including information on population and housing.

2011 Estimate
Butler pdf
Douglas pdf
Johnson pdf
Leavenworth pdf
Riley pdf
Sedgwick pdf
Shawnee pdf
Wyandotte pdf


County Population Estimates

This table includes the annual population estimates from July 1, 1970 through July 1, 2012 for the U.S., Kansas and Kansas counties.

These tables show the most recent County Population Estimates (July 1, 2012) and the estimates of Components of Change, such as births, deaths and migration:

Population estimates for Kansas Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas and Combined Statistical Areas.

Tables of population change 2010-2012. The tables include numeric and percent change, as well as ranking by change.

The following tables present county population estimates by demographic characteristics for July 1, 2012 estimates.

County July 1, 2012 Population Estimate
Johnson 559,913
Sedgwick 503,889
Shawnee 178,991
Wyandotte 159,129
Douglas 112,864
Leavenworth 77,739
Riley 75,508
Butler 65,827
Reno 64,439
Saline 55,988


Please note that when the Census Bureau releases new population estimates, the previous estimates are often revised.

County Population Projections

The Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University has created the following projections by Kansas County by age for 2000-2030.

Historic Census Data

This table shows the decennial Census count of the state and current counties from 1900-2010.

The following table includes the decennial count for the state and counties, including historic county names in use at the time of the Census. 

These are the notes from the 1920 Decennial Census that explain the name and boundary changes to counties between 1860 and 1920.

County QuickFacts

The US Census Bureau's QuickFacts page provides the most recent information on the State, Counties and about 50 cities.  You can access QuickFacts here, then use the drop down menu to find the county you are interested in. 


If you need information not found here, please contact the State Data Center at

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