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AWE Grant

Non-competitive LSTA subgrants for Kansas public libraries interested in an all-in-one digital learning computer for children ages 2-8. No internet connection is required and it is pre-loaded with 60 educational software titles.

The cost to your library will be determined by the population your library serves.
Libraries serving a population less than 10,000
$500 (Your Cost)
Libraries serving a population more than 10,000
$1,000 (Your Cost)

How to Apply

  1. Choose your AWE Early Literacy Station. Early Literacy Stations ENGLISH or Early Literacy Stations BILINGUAL SPANISH
  2. Fill out and return application by August 15, 2013. View application options above.

  3. You will receive your check and grant packet in the mail by August 26.

  4. Place your order, pay the balance due and provide the State Library with a copy of the invoice by September 15, 2013. Initiate the order by contacting Linda S. Mavrinac at 847-515-1291 or
Special Notes

Any additional equipment/plans purchased will be at the library's expense. NO ADDITIONAL PURCHASES ARE REQUIRED!

Additional Stations are available to purchase at a discounted rate, at the library's expense. Orders for additional stations must be placed between September 1 and November 15, 2013 to take advantage of this discounted price.

More product information

One AWE Early Literacy Station per library/branch includes an all-in-one touch-screen platform, colored keyboard, child-sized mouse and three-year hardware warranty & 2 upgrades.
Early Literacy Stations ENGLISH    
Early Literacy Stations BILINGUAL SPANISH
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