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Working with Library Boards


This blended-learning course was offered during Spring 2011. Information and resources from the course are provided but may contain references to programs no longer current. For example, the Kansas Library Trustee Certification Program and the Kansas Library Administrator Certification Program ended in 2012. References to WebJunction Kansas and discussion boards can be disregarded as the subscription ended in June 2013.

The course presenters were Shannon Roy, Continuing Education Coordinator, State Library of Kansas and Gina Millsap, Executive Director, Topeka and Shawnee County Library.  The online producer was Cindi Hickey, Director of Library Development.


The ability to work with trustees is one of the most important administrative skills for a public library director. Directors must learn how to develop a library board that has the skills and knowledge to serve the community effectively. And since library boards are always changing and libraries are always evolving, the partnership is an ongoing priority.

"Working with Library Boards" was a blended-learning course that offered cutting-edge ideas on effective board function and development. It included three online sessions with lively discussions and expertise shared from many public library viewpoints. Students received a workbook, online assignments and a choice of course projects. Materials are provided for a self-paced learning experience.

Session 1: Orientation for New Trustees: Discussion focused on creating an effective orientation program for new trustees.  Gina Millsap presented on including trustee ethics as a critical part of trustee orientation.


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Session 2:  Effective Board Meetings: Discussion focused on making board meetings productive and maintaining records that will protect the library from legal and political problems.  Gina Millsap presented on designing board meetings that move the library forward. 


Session 3: Evaluation: Discussion focused on partnering director evaluation with board evaluation and building a strong board.  Gina Millsap presented on creating a strong board.


Gina Millsap, director of the Topeka & Shawnee County Public LIbrary offers the following documents as examples of a library director evaluation process.

Additional Resource
Getting on Your Community's Leadership Team
- Ellen Miller and Patricia Fisher

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