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Joys of Cataloging Webliography

Creating MARC Records

Sample Blank MARC format record
Several years ago a library school student wrote and asked me to send her a sample of a blank MARC record. I adapted an OCLC MARC record and put it up on the Internet.

Special Cataloguing Resources "Cataloging Cheat Sheets" A really great page that gives step-by-step procedures for cataloguing (that's "cataloging" for us Americans!) with MARC format. On the main page click on the link for "cheat sheets" under the photo.

Includes cheat sheets on:
Brief Government Documents

Common MARC Fields
Cuttering and Years
Electronic Resource Cataloguing
Form Subdivisions Coded $v
MARC Authority Records
MARC Punctuation
MARC Tag Mapping for OPACs
MARC Title Fields
Monograph Cataloguing
Reclassification: DDC to LCC
Serial Cataloguing
Selected Cataloguing Tool Acronyms, etc.
Sound Recording Cataloguing
Video Cataloguing

Cataloging Locally, Thinking Globally (State Library of Kansas)
A web page created by the State Library's very own Rhonda Machlan to assist Kansas libraries in creating clear, concise records.

Tag of the month (Follett Software Company)
Scroll down this page and you'll find a list of links to sites for each general MARC tag. This company site gives plain language explanations of MARC format usage with lots of great examples.

MARC outline (University of Viginia)
A chart showing the basic MARC fields. Part of a great site for catalogers set up by the University of Virgina Library's Cataloging Services Department (

Cataloger's Reference Shelf (The Library Corporation)
A great page full of lots of information for catalogers with many, many links to other sites.

Understanding MARC Format (Library of Congress)
An online version of a textbook approach to learning MARC format. It is detailed, informative, has lots of good examples. A good source to bookmark for problems and questions.

Bibliographic Format and Standards manual (OCLC)
Detailed, full of examples.... and intimidating as all get out! But still an excellent source for questions on MARC.



Kansas Library Catalog (KLC)
Many libraries in Kansas can download MARC records from the Kansas Library Catalog. Contact Rhonda or Jeff at the State Library to see if your library qualifies

University of Kansas Online Catalog

Library of Congress Online Catalog records

Catalog of U.S. Publications (G.P.O's online Monthly Catalog)
This site shouldn't be listed here as you can not download the records, but I wanted to include it because you can print off MARC records and it's a great site for finding material (paper as well as online documents) for statistics and the annual debate topic.



Library of Congress Subject Heading search engine (Library of Congress)
You can browse and view authority headings for Subject, Name, Title and Name/Title combinations; and download authority records in MARC format for use in a local library system.

Guide to the Usage of LCSH Free-Floating Form Subdivisions A good resource for figuring out what delimiters to use for subject subheadings. Unfortunately this site is no longer being updated.



Johnson County Public Library (Kansas) (Click on the link, "Search The Catalog" in the menu)
Includes juvenile titles with an option to view records in MARC format.

Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
Includes juvenile titles.

ATLAS (Associated Topeka Libraries Automated System)
Library holdings of the Kansas State Historical Society, State Library, Washburn University libraries and the Menninger Institute. A good research collection. LC subject headings. Some Dewey numbers. MARC format viewing of holdings available. Not too much juvenile literature although W.U.'s curriculum library is part of ATLAS

Kansas Library Catalog (KLC)
The "Mother of all Kansas catalogs!" It has most everything you could ever want. But..... there is no continuity in bibliographic content of records as hundreds of different libraries input titles. Be advised that the KLC is a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly.



Resources for catalogin e-books/electronic documents / OCLC web site
([Dublin, Ohio] : OCLC, internet resource)
[A valuable resource center for learning the ins and outs of cataloging Internet documentst]

Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines (OCLC)
OCLC's online guide to cataloging websites, web documents, CDs and other electronic resources using MARC format.

Announcement of Draft Interim Guidelines for Cataloging Electronic Resources (L.C.)
The Library of Congress's "conceptual guidelines for the cataloging of electronic resources." A link at the bottom of this page, LINK TO TEXT OF Draft Interim Guidelines, takes you to pretty weighty document that gives you an idea of just how big a task setting rules to cataloging electronic documents is.

CONSER Cataloging Manual: Module 31: Remote Access Computer File Serials (L.C.)
Cataloging electronic serials. (Adobe Acrobat software needed to view this document)

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