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Library Development

The Library Development Division provides information, consulting and programs that support the development of excellent customer service to Kansans through their local libraries. Please browse our web page for information on these topics:


Americans with Disabilities ActHandicapped Logo

ADA Compliance Checklist
This checklist has been developed and updated by the State Library of Kansas to help public libraries measure their facilities' compliance with the ADA regulations and plan for fuller compliance as their library buildings develop.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - WebJunction Self-paced Course
This self-paced course is concerned less with facility compliance and much more with employment law under the ADA. This course outlines how employers can ensure that they are ADA-compliant and informs them of the consequences of failing to comply with the legislation.

Collection Management

CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries
The CREW Manual has been the classic tool for weeding library collections for many years. It was recently revised and updated by Jeanette Larson at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Arizona State Library Collection Development Training
This is an excellent source of self-paced training on Collection Development and includes all areas of Selection, Acquisitions, Gifts, Weeding and Policy.

Merchandising and Marketing on WebJunction Kansas Continuing Education
Modern libraries are marketing their collections through special shelving arrangements and topical displays that make access to their collections more friendly to the library users. This site is a collection of projects on marketing and displays.

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education tab on WebJunction Kansas is where the Certification Program and the Core Competencies are kept, as well as archived webinars and the websites for the latest Learning 2 Action Administrative Training Programs. If you are a participant in a Learning 2 Action Program, you will be directed to post discussion and projects on the site for the current training topic.

Library Budgets

Trustee Core Skill Three: Building Effective Support for the Library
This is the training material that was developed at the State Library of Kansas to meet Trustee Core Skill Three: Developing Effective Support. It was designed to be used in Library Board tutorials for core skill training.

Advocacy for Trustees
This excerpt from The Successful Library Trustee Handbook describes the types of advocacy Library Board members can provide and offers suggestions for effective advocacy.

These WebJunction Kansas courses have excellent material on library budgeting:

Library Facilities

Designing a Fine Library
This publication is intended to help trustees and staff of smaller public libraries plan for building programs. This document places a heavy emphasis on early planning for building projects, since many costly mistakes result from inadequate planning.

Toolkit for Planning and Building Public Libraries
This publication from the State Library of Utah offers a wide variety of resources for librarians and boards that are planning and implementing a building program.

Webjunction Course on library care: Keeping Your Library Looking Good

ADA Checklist
This checklist has been developed and updated by the State Library of Kansas to help public libraries measure their facilities' compliance with the ADA regulations and plan for fuller compliance as their library buildings develop.

Maintenance Checklist
A checklist intended to help staff in small libraries maintain their facilities.


Trustee Core Skill Five: Creating and Using a Strategic Plan
This document has been used in the Statewide Training Program for Kansas Library Trustee Certification. It is intended to help library boards begin a strategic planning process for the library.

Webjunction course on strategic planning: Strategic Planning: Quick, Cheap and Decent

WebJunction Kansas - Friends and Trustees
This part of WebJunction Kansas has valuable resources for library trustees. There are more resources in separate pages for "Friends" and "Trustees."

The Training Materials for Trustee Core Skills were created for consultants and directors who will be teaching board tutorials for the certification program.

Youth Services

Go to the Kansas Center for the Book website for information on two widely popular programs for Kansas youth. One is the annual program called Kansas Reads to Preschoolers and the other is the latest Letters About Literature, where students of all ages are invited to write a letter to an author who has shaped them or touched their lives.

Go to the Kansas Public Library Youth Services Guidelines for information on excellence in Children and Youth Services. This publication was updated in 2004, but continues to offer valuable information.

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