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Codes for KICNET Libraries

Finding KICNET/KLC Codes

To see and search a list of all KLC libraries:

Option 1

Not available in Iluminar

Go to any classic AGent Login screen such as

Click the Lookup button to the right of the fillable boxes

Sort the list if you wish by library name or by code

Search for text using your browser's Find function

To print the list, right click in the window and select Print from the context menu. (Note: the complete list is approximately 28 pages)

Option 2

In Classic AGent or Iluminar

Login as ILL Staff

Click the Search Library Information near the end of the left-hand menu

Enter Library code, Library Name, Library Address, City/Town, or Zipcode in the appropriate fields.

There is no option to create a complete list from this screen.

|     Last modified: Jan 31, 2012