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KIC Council Bylaws

Ratified by KIC Council 5/7/1993
Revised 9/22/1995; 9/13/1996; 5/7/1999

Article 1. Name

The name of this organization shall be: The KIC Council. The term, KILBD, shall refer to the KIC Council's executive committee, the Kansas Interlibrary Loan Board of Directors.

Article 2. Purpose

To establish interlibrary loan code, policy and protocol for Kansas libraries, and to promote the continuing education aspect of interlibrary loan training among members.

Article 3. Membership

3.1 General Member Libraries

Prospective member libraries shall apply for KIC Council membership in a manner prescribed by the KILBD. Membership is granted upon receipt by the KILBD of a signed membership agreement form.

Article 4. KIC Council

4.1 Governance

The KIC Council shall be governed by the KILBD.

4.2 Authority

The KIC Council representatives shall:

Elect membership to the KILBD;
Ratify bylaws;
Ratify policies put forth by the KILBD;
Provide information and input to the KILBD on issues and business related to the purposes of the KIC Council.

Article 5. KILBD

5.1 Member Representatives

The KIC Council shall elect representatives from the various types of libraries to vote on KIC Council business; these representatives, plus a representative from the State Library, shall form the membership of the KILBD.

5.2 KILBD Composition

The KILBD shall consist of eight (8) voting representatives, one from each of the different library types in Kansas, as follows:

  • One representative from the regents universities;
  • One representative from the community colleges;
  • One representative from K-12 public and private schools;
  • One representative from private academic;
  • One representative from public libraries *not included in #7*;
  • One representative from regional library system;
  • One representative from major resource center (major resource center libraries are defined in the Public Library Standards for Kansas, Revised 1992 ) *or ILDP resource libraries other than regional library system headquarters*;
  • One representative from medical, corporate, legal, governmental or other special libraries not represented above.

[approved by KIC Council 5/7/1999]
In addition,
One ex officio representative from the Kansas State Library appointed by the State Librarian.

KILBD membership is limited to KIC Council member representatives. The KILBD shall be representative of the KIC Council membership and the above categories shall be reviewed every four (4) years or as the membership of the organization changes.

5.3 Organization

The KILBD shall elect a Chair, a Vice-Chair to act in the absence of the Chair, and a Secretary from its membership. The Chair shall preside at meetings and conduct business of the KILBD and KIC Council.

5.4 Election/Term

The term of office for KILBD members is two (2) years. KILBD members [shall not] *may* be elected to *no more than* two (2) consecutive terms.
[approved by KIC Council 9/13/1996]

The Nominating Committee shall create a slate of nominees from each library type section of the KIC Council whose terms are expiring. The slate of nominations shall be distributed to KIC Council members six (6) weeks before the scheduled vote for review and to afford members the opportunity to nominate additional section member(s). Nominations shall close two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled vote. Absentee ballots shall be accepted from members who have requested such at least one week prior to the scheduled vote. Voting shall take place at the scheduled annual meeting of the KIC Council.

KILBD members' terms of office shall be staggered to ensure that one-half of the KILBD membership terms shall expire each year. The initial members of the KILBD and their terms of office are listed in Appendix C.

5.5 Vacancies

The Nominating Committee shall fill by appointment a vacancy on the KILBD. The appointee shall serve in the position until the scheduled expiration of the unfilled term.

5.6 Removal

Any KILBD member may be removed by a two-thirds majority vote of the KIC Council section representatives. Reasons for removal shall be the negligence of duties and/or misuse of authority.

5.7 Authority

The KILBD shall make policies and procedures for the governance of the KIC Council and the KILBD.

Article 6. Committees

6.1 Nominating Committee

A Nominating Committee, consisting of not less than three (3) KILBD members, shall be [elected by the KIC Council] *appointed by the KILBD chair* to select a slate of candidates to serve on the KILBD.
[approved by KIC Council 9/22/1995]

6.2 Policy Committee

A Policy Committee, consisting of not less than three (3) KILBD members, shall review bylaws and other policies and procedures as needed.

6.3 Continuing Education

A Continuing Education committee, consisting of not less than three (3) KILBD members, shall establish, implement and review continuing education goals, plans and activities as needed.

6.4 Term

All committees shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. Members of standing committees shall serve for one year. The need for the continuance of a standing committee shall be reviewed at least every two (2) years or as needed.

6.5 Other

Ad hoc committees may be formed, consisting of not less than three (3) members, either within the KILBD or the KIC Council, for purposes of assistance in the business needs at hand.

Article 7. Meetings

7.1 KIC Council

The KIC Council representatives shall meet at least annually at the time and place determined by the KILBD.


The KILBD shall meet at least annually at a time and place determined by consensus of the membership.

7.3 Committees

All committees shall meet at least annually at a time and place determined by the consensus of the committee membership.

Article 8. Voting

8.1 KIC Council

Every library which is a member of the KIC Council or its proxy shall have one vote in motions presented for action at the meetings.


Each member shall have one vote in motions presented for action at the meetings of the KILBD. The ex officio member shall vote only to break a tie at KILBD meetings.

Article 9. Quorum

A simple majority of the voting members at KILBD meetings shall constitute a quorum.

Article 10. Records

10.1 Meeting records

Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the Secretary.

10.2 Master Records

The Chair of the KILBD shall possess and maintain a file containing:

Original bylaws;
Original revisions of bylaws;
Minutes of KILBD and KIC Council meetings;
Original signed membership agreements.

Article 11. Amendments to Bylaws

Amendments to the bylaws shall be ratified upon a vote of two-thirds of those voting member libraries present at the KIC Council meeting. Proposed amendments to to the bylaws shall be sent to the KILBD at least thirty (30) days prior to a KIC Council meeting for review and approval by the KILBD.

Article 12. Parliamentary Procedure

All business shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order where not in conflict with these bylaws.

Article 13. Adoption

These bylaws shall become effective upon adoption by the KILBD, and upon ratification by the KIC Council. Terms of the original KILBD members shall run from the beginning of the Kansas state fiscal year (July 1) following the adoption of these bylaws.

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